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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Elmo Cake

Welcome to Elmo's World. Kids love Elmo, was it because of it's big smile? Red fluffy fur? Being cute and cuddly? I'm not sure. I never bonded with Elmo. I grew up watching the Muppets, liking Kermit, Animal and the Swedish Chef. For Sesame Street, I love Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster.

Elmo is one of the most requested cake to date, besides Mahjong cupcakes. Instead of a 'flat' cake, this time round, I designed the eyes to be slightly higher, giving the cake more dimension. This cake is a 3 layered chocolate sponge cake with non dairy whipped cream with strawberries sandwiched between the layers. The nose and eyes are made of Marshmallow Fondant and the mouth and pupils are made of chocolate Marshmallow fondant.

Don't get me wrong when I said Elmo is not my favourite character, I do enjoy making it. Achieving Elmo's red coat is always a challenge, no matter how many times I do it. I'll concede that every time you look at Elmo's smile and smiles it brought on the kids faces, made all the effort worthwhile. Okay, kids, show me your tongues now.


Passionate About Baking said...

Wow Rei! This Elmo is really very reddishly attractive! I was told red is very very difficult to achieve for piping. However, I think it doesn't pose a problem to you! Your red is really very RED! Very beautiful Elmo cake you've got!

grub said...

Hey Rei,

Your Japanese sweet potato cake looks delicious! Too bad we don't have that type of sweet potato in Melbourne.

Oh BTW, there's this youtube channel where they have lots of videos on how to make Japanese food. There's even a video on the sweet potato cake.

The URL is:

Hope you find it useful!


Noob Cook said...

Really amazed by your talent every time I see your bakes. Elmo looks so furry here, total cuteness!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rei,

I'm the mummy who ordered the Elmo cake. Thanks for your hard work, the cake is really very nice and the kids love it! They were all crowding ard the cake wanting to take picture with it :)

The chocolate sponge is very yummy and it remains soft after a few days, so in the end I managed to finished the whole cake without any wastage! (ok, i scrape off the red cream, partly bec of the color and partly bec it is too fattening :p)


Rei said...

Jane : Thanks. I will worry whether if I can achieve the red I want every time.

Grub : Thanks for the link!

Wiffy : Thank you!

Cindy : Glad you all enjoyed the cake.

Lynn said...


You did a lovely job. My boy love your cake too. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and memories you gave us! ^_^

Rei said...

Lynn : Thank you!

ganache-ganache said...

I agree with you this shade of red is not easy to achieve ! We r in the the same year same month & I don't even know who's Swedish Chef, what a shame :(

Rei said...

Lorrine : Ahaha.. he is the crazy chef in the show, talks funny.

jaime said...

hi Rei

I am the mummy who had the party at botanical gardens and ordered your elmo cake! it looked totally cute and tasted just as fabulous! the sponge cake was soft and you were so generous with the blueberry! and the cupcakes were cuteness personified! It was a job very well done! thanks! :)

Jayden Leow said...

Hi Rei,

How can I order the Elmo cake from you? If we give you another Elmo design can u do it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rei,

How should I order the Elmo cake? If I have a design, can u do it?

Rei said...

Hi Jayden, kindly write to me via email. It is possible to customise Elmo.

Silvia said...

Hi do you still make elmo cakes? Saw your cakes and is very nice. wanna order from you..

Kellie said...

Hi Rei

Thanks for taking time out to bake a beautiful Elmo cake and super cute sesame street buddies cupcakes for Josh's bday. It is more than what we expected. Elmo cake really looks perfect! Everyone gathered around to take pictures. The kids couldnt resist the cupcakes and everyone said that your cake taste really good. Spongy and just the right sweetness. I didnt expect Big Bird to look so good... Ha.. Can really taste and see that you put your heart into the cakes you do. Thank you very much. It is indeed a happy day for us with a dream cake today.

Unknown said...

Hi, still available for order? would love to order ;))
Kindly drop me the cost as well..thanks!