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Monday, April 13, 2009

Ben 10 Cake

This cake was done for sonny dearest of a fellow forumer at M4M. Her kid is a Ben 10 fanatic, same like my Ah Girl. She is forever nagging about the Omnitrix and said how she wanted to transform into aliens. So I asked, 'Won't mommy be scared and run away from you?'. To that, she answered, 'No.. you're my mommy, you won't run away.' Well said my dear, well said. It is one career you can never send our resignation in.

The cake is a Chocolate Sponge cake with non dairy whipped cream and strawberries. For a Ben 10 fan, I think the ultimate gift is an Omnitrix. So instead of just a printed edible image, I threw in a Omnitrix watch.

The black portion is made of chocolate fondant, so it cuts down the necessity of using too much black colouring. It tasted quite good too.

It's easy to get a sample, I just asked Ah Girl. She did complained that I made her Omnitrix greasy. Okay, don't nag, I cleaned it up already. I am not very satisfied at the white stripes. I should have cut-and-joined. The cake was well received by the birthday boy and to the mommy, smiles on her kid's face is all that mattered.

Ah Girl couldn't really tell the 2 Omnitrix apart when I presented to her in a box, I had to pass her the toy. Last night while I was fiddling with the pictures, she has finally settled on her birthday cake. Looks like another Ben 10 cake is on the way.



Edith said...

Great job!

Blessed Homemaker said...

I thought that's a REAL watch!!!

KWF said...

Wow...your Omnitrix looks real cool! I may need your advice later of the year coz my nephew is also another Ben10 fan!

Cookie said...

Rei, my son will love me to death if I could make this for him!

Another great creation!!!

Jo said...

very nice Ben 10 cake. I have been looking for the design of Ben 10 for my little boy's birthday. May I know how much did you charge?

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Rei,
This cake is really amazing! My kids are also a BIG fan of Ben 10, and so am I! Hahaha...
Just to check, for creating such a cartoon cake, it won't have breached the copyright of Ben 10 right? I would also very much like to replicate one such cake, but was quite afraid of infringing the copyright because I know I won't pay royalties to the creator! :p What is your experience on this? Thanks for sharing!

Yuri said...

Dear Rei, I'm speechless! Great Job!

Art of Eating said...

very impressive

Anonymous said...

Genius!! I am impressed with your work.. just like a pro.. How I wish I could bake like you for my son who loves Ben 10 so much..

Rei said...

Edith & Reena : Thanks!

WF : You are welcome to approach me with your questions.

Cookie : Sure you can!

Jo : Please drop me an email.

Yuri : Thanks!

Jane : First of all, we are home bakers, agree? We do not reproduce these cakes in mass like bakeries do. As for the matter of infringement, we would all be, considering some of us, replicating cakes like Lightning McQueen, Cinderella, Pooh bear, LV bags and shoes, etc. I have infringed the copyrights of Mahjong too because I make them so often.

Would it have been better if I turned down a child request to his/her disappointment? Would it be better if I told you that I replicated the Omnitrix from a generic toy (yes, I am a cheapo parent, it costs me only $5.00) and not an original? This is a food blog and I do not wish to start a law debate here. For interesting reads, you may want to go to or google for broader view of this issue.

Baking Fiend said...

very IMPRESSIVE! the watch or shd i say, Omnitrix, looks sooooo real! LOL

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Rei,
Thanks for your "assurance" somehow. Actually, don't get me wrong about law debate. That was exactly what I thought when I also "copied" some famous characters for my own cakes. Ya, so long as we don't reproduced them in bulk and started selling them and making profits, we are fine. I would feel safer now too! ;)) The designs of your cartoon characters are really nice, I love them too! I hope you don't misunderstood my question. Apologies if it was mis-read somewhere! :<

Passionate About Baking said...

Oh yes, I also forgot to thank you for giving me the link for more information. Cheers!

Rei said...

AOE & Ida : Thanks! I tried my best.

Anon@12:48 : Sure you can! Think positive and give it a shot. We have to start off somewhere.

Jane : No worries, none taken.

Anonymous said...

HI Rei

my kids are Ben 10 fans too and my youngest has been bugging me to buy him the omnitrix...did you really get the fake one at $5? can u tell me where u got it from?
i don't think i can ever make a cake like this, so if my boy is still crazy about ben 10 when he celebrates his next b day,will surely email u to ask about the price of the cake.

Cindy said...

Rei, did you take any cake decorating lessons? Very impressed by your cakes and although I've attended Wilton Course 1 and 2 deco classes, you are much much better than me! I am still amazed by your mahjongs! On my 'MUST DO' list but still building up my 'courage' to do so! Enjoy your blog very much!
Cheers, Cindy

Rei said...

Octopusmum : I got it at a pasar malam, located between Fu Lu Shou and OG. They sell m ostly kids stuffs. As long as the toy is not hazardous, I will get the cheap ones. The last watch I bought for Ah Boy lasted only 3 minutes. >_<

Cindy : Thanks for liking the blog. No, I did not attend any lessons, but it would be a privilege. And about the mahjong tiles; just do it!

Jennifer said...

Hi Rei,

Very impressive cake. Last year my boy also ask for Ben10 cake, but mine was no where compared to yours, yours are so pro!
Where did you get the picture? You have a printer for cake pictures?


Rei said...

Jennifer : The mommy provided the picture. No, I do not have the printer, I purchased from a bakery supply shop.

Anonymous said...

I heart the design!!! my children want this for their birthdays!!

hope this can be replicated by bakeries here in my place.

thank you rei!

Unknown said...


What a nice cake! What is your cost for this Ben 10 birthday cake?

Anonymous said...


I am interested in the ben 10 cake. Can you advise the charges?

my email is