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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's been a long break...

... And thank you if you are still reading this. I've been experiencing a little fatigue these couple of months. Recently, I have been boring you with cakes. I have baking cakes week in and week out. Not that I have lost my interest in baking or decorating but I have lost my direction in blogging. I cooked, I baked but most times, just too tired to take pictures. Partly because fearing they might ended up in the draft box like, forever.

During this break, I took time to prepare Ah Girl for Primary 1. More than ever, I realised that I had been too lax with her. Her handwriting is atrocious, especially for her Chinese. That also made me feel rather guilty. I didn't spend enought time with her to correct her handwriting.

Ah Girl's graduation day. She performed in one of the skits.

I took time off to accompany her on the first and second day of school. Everything was a breeze except for a hiccup from the transport company. She was being assigned to the wrong bus. From a supposedly half an hour ride, turned into a near 2 and a half hour journey. I had to sit at the drop off point, worried sick and not knowing when she would reach home as the driver couldn't give me a confirmed time. Call it being Singaporean or whatever, I called up and gave them a piece of my mind. Honestly speaking, if she were to take public transport, it would probably take 10 to 15 minutes to reach home. I thought the arrangement would be more convenient for Ah Girl and my helper. I was quite surprised when Ah Girl reached home without tears. I must say I was rather proud when she said she wasn't afraid, just bored nd hungry. Perhaps she is more independent than I would like to admit. By the time she had her meal, it was close to 4 p.m. She asked if it was her lunch or dinner. Hah.

The only thing I am worried about is her spending too much at the bookshop and being talkative in class. Thus I wondered if she was made monitoress because of her constant chattering.

At the same time Ah Boy fell sick, recovered and fell sick again over the weekend. He is getting used to Ah Girl's new routine and will ask where is Ah Girl when he wakes up. He used to follow Ah Girl to the Kindergarten but she now has to go off at 6.15 a.m. This is his cheeky self. His favourite TV shows are Pingu, Bob the Builder, Barney, Hi 5 and of course Thomas Tank Engine. Favourite song? 'Happy Birthday'. He comes in really handy at birthday parties.

This is his not-so-cheeky self. I noticed his hidden double eye-lids will appear when he is unwell. If that is really the case, I'd rather they remain hidden forever.

I enjoyed the company of my kids while slowing down. I think I have been doing too many things at the same time. Finally, I had time to sit down and read. Finished 4 books to be exact. Found time to revisit beading and unfortunately, discovered jewellery making. Argh.