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Friday, August 1, 2008

Bento Competition

Remember the Bento Competition I mentioned in my earlier post? I am delighted to find out that my entry got shortlisted! This is the entry that got selected. Bento Pet will run a poll and the best entry will be voted the winner.

It is an honour, just to be shortlisted. To see the rest of the bentos, please click here. They are so creative and colourful! I admire their perserverence and dedication to Bento food art. After a while, I do get bored/lazy and lose the drive to take pictures of my bentos or even arrange them nicely to be picture worthy. There are times when I get swamped with work and everything, I need to prioritise. Thanks Bento Pet for organising this event, I found the motivation to do this again. I need to find time for my other interests too. My beading loom, crochet needles and cross-stitch cloths are all gathering dust. Hmm... come to think of it, I still have some jigsaw puzzles chucked in a corner.

I try very hard not to use processed/deep fried food in my bentos. You do not need alot of seasonings to bring out the flavours of food either. Ah Girl will be in Primary 1 in 1 year+ time. I am thinking of packing bentos for her as well. She is a fussy eater but I am glad that she doesn't take to processed food such as sausages, ham or nuggets. She loves soups and noodles mostly. I might need to get a thermos afterall. After checking out the other bento blogs, I discovered that; instead of just letting the pictures do the talking, one needs to be more descriptive about the bentos. I hope my descriptions will not be a bore.

Rice decorated with Sakura Denbu and sesame. Tom Yam Chicken with Pineapples stirfry. Cherry Tomatoes and Fruits and Nuts mix.

Rice with Natto and sesame. Steamed Broccoli and Carrots. Pan fried meatballs, Fruits and Nuts mix.

Rice with Umeboshi. Stirfy Broccoli, Carrots and fresh Button Mushrooms. Saba Shioyaki with Lime wedge.

Today's lunch. Rice with Natto, sesame, Sakura Denbu and Umeshiso Furikake (Do try this combo, it is rather interesting). Fried egg. Stirfry Wakame and Cherry Tomatoes with Butter and Shoyu. Stirfry Kalbi Chips with Shoyu and Sake.

Is it time to start packing your own bento?

PS. : I will update this post when the winner is being announced. Stay tuned.

*Update : And the winner is Kelly @ Kel's Place. Congratulations! It was fun being a part of the event.


Dee said...

Your bentos look amazing! But I'll have to stick to sandwiches I'm afraid; I'm not much of a morning person.

Yuri said...

hey rei, your bentos are simply inspirational! they look authentic too ;)

Rei said...

Dee & Yuri : Thank you for your flattering comments. :D