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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Series of Bentos

Started out making morning/lunch bentos when I went back to work after my confinement. I heard that it can help to calculate calories consumed for that meal. Results seemed slow as I don't exercise AT ALL. Besides, after CNY, who doesn't put on weight?? Wahahah.. Me and my excuses. :p

I try to make my bento as interesting as possible. I don't use fancy cutters to cut my veggies as I find it wasteful. Nor do I pack deep fried food for my bento, considering I am trying to lose weight. I usually use the minimal seasoning, pan fry or steam my food. Basically, it is said that it is healthy that we should consume 5 colours (f00d), namely, White, Red, Yellow, Green and Black. A little use of Furikake, Sakura Denbu and black and white sesame seeds will cheer up your bento. Not forgetting my favourite, Natto (納豆) and pickles (つけもの).

These are what I had for today and yesterday.

Bento 8

Below are what I had done previously.

Happy viewing!  じゃね!


KWF said...

rei, you're really very much into jap stuff, aren't u? I also love jap stuff, but not a great cook in this area. I only know how to use off the shelf things for jap food, even for jap curry, which my son absolutely adores!

Anonymous said...

Wah at one time I also into Bento. But after my maid left I got no time to prapare the Bento set for lunch.

Rei said...

kwf, i like japanese food mah.. :D

sue, i didn't spend alot of time on them. Some prepared beforehand and freezed. :)

sweet-tooth said...

Your bentos look very yummy!
I see that you've used a plum for some of the bentos, may i know where you got them from?
Thanks in advance!

Rei said...

sweet-tooth, I got them at Meidi-ya or Isetan.

Bento Pet said...

Nice bentos. Keep them going!!