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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kreativ Award

I received this award long time ago and it was left to rot in the draft folder. I would like to thanks Terri from A Daily Obsession for giving me this award. I hope I am as creative as you thought I am. You should really read her blog some time. She is one who doesn't mince her words and gives you her opinions as they are. Her entries are hilarious at most times and her food photography will leave you drooling. Talk about food porn.

I would like to take the opportunity to forward this award to follow bloggers who had worked hard, testing out recipes and making us wipe drool off our keyboards.

1. Edith from Precious Moments. Things coming out of her wok and her oven look so good. Her cupcakes often left me in awe. Her well-planned meals make you wished that you were her guests and yes, her picture of the beef brisket kills me over and over again.

2. Ida from Baking Fiend. Her macarons look wonderful, so does her Egg white Marble cake and her Hello Kitty fondant cake, and... you get the drift.

3. Elyn from Esjoie. She and her baking gadgets are inseparable! Her bakes never fail to impress and her Stained Glass cookies are simply beautiful.

4. Zu from Quick 'N' Easy Treats. Her simple and easy wokking recipes are a life-saver for busy moms. Check out her lovely cakes too.

5. Wiffy from Noob Cook. Another food porn contributor. Her simple yet delicious meals look so appetising through her lens. I have given up hope on myself. Shooting with a camera phone didn't help and I still couldn't make my Fuji work for me.

Now, please help to pass the award to other five food bloggers whom you think deserve it. Hope this will be an incentive to keep them going.



KWF said...

Congrats Rei for receiving the award. You very well deserve it. :)

Elyn said...

Hi Rei, thanks for the award :)

Noob Cook said...

Hi Rei, thank you so much, I'm so touched ^o^ I think your photos are good, and your food & bakes are incredible ;)

Rei said...

WF : Thanks!

Elyn & Wiffy : You're most welcome!