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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding Cake

When I was asked to make a wedding cake, I didn't know what ran through my mind. Was it, 'Oh shit, how am I going to pull this through?' or was it, 'Wow, thanks for having faith in me.' Making one for a friend and making one for a client is a totally different experience. For the former, I was all relaxed. However, as time goes by, knowing more about fondant, reading all the horror stories about how the cake could go wrong, I am all nerves.

I made plans a month before the wedding to learn how to make gumpaste roses from a book. Sad to say, with my clumsy fingers, they were not realistic enough thus not up to par. I had to scrap the idea of using roses. The thing about this client was that she left the design all up to me, as long as the cake was purple and that she wanted a traditional wedding couple topper. There's good and bad about this. The good thing was that I had the liberty to do whatever I want with the cake. The bad thing was that; it was not my cake afterall. Without understanding what she wants, I could never know how she had envisioned her cake to be. So upon seeing the cake, we could be devastated or delighted. I was glad that the former didn't happen.

The wedding was held at a church and the reception was at a place that looked like a canteen. So there wasn't really a place where I can set up the cake against a nice backdrop. It was drizzling then but was glad that my homemade marshmallow fondant decided to behave and didn't sweat. I had a mild scare while transporting the cake though. Despite my warning to the cab driver to drive slow, he made a sharp swerve. I thought I heard a small 'thud' at the back. Fortunately, the cake was unharmed. I was told by the bride later that the relatives thought that the cake was a dummy. Honestly, when I married, I didn't have a wedding cake. I had to cut into a dummy and thought that was funny.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dora and Boots

When Ah Girl was at Ah Boy's age, I used to sing Dora's travel song with her when we were walking towards my mom's house. I changed the destination to 'Mama's House'. It just made the walking trip a little more pleasant and fun. Now it's Ah Boy's turn to sing it. I am blessed with 2 lovely kids who play on their own, as long as I am within their sight. Though occasionally, they like to fiddle with my sugar dough and tools, basically they understand that it is not 'Okay' to touch the decorated cake. Naturally, I bribe them with morsels of the marshmallow fondant.

However, I won't be letting the cakes out of my sight with them around. Better to be safe than sorry. I thoroughly enjoyed decorating this cake. It is more time consuming but the result was better than what I expected. I almost forgot the frills on Dora's socks. The only thing was; I couldn't get Dora's songs out of my head while making this. It got a little irritating after a while. Now typing this post, the songs came back again. I'll end here before they drive me insane.

Before I go, I would like to introduce my other blog, Piccolo Yogashiten. It is a gallery of my past cake orders and further information about my cakes. Kindly also direct your order enquiries to this new email, piccolo[dot]rei[at]gmail[dot]com. For questions about recipes, please continue to write to miyazaki[dot]rei[at]gmail[dot]com. I would like keep them separate as it is getting difficult for me to keep track and I might miss out your emails. Thank you for your understanding.