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Monday, April 27, 2009

Green Tea Macarons

As mentioned in my earlier post, I attempted the 'preciooouussss~~' because I intended to use them for decorative purposes. I declared a disclaimer to mom; if I can't get it right, I would stick something else on the cake. Fortunately, the 'preciooouussss~~' were co-operative. I managed to nail it, twice in a row. These are the leftovers after assembling the cake. I had some lemon curd which I made for my scones, so I use it for these macarons. The tangy taste of the curd balances the sweetness rather well. Without further ado (no time to write too much), here's the recipe I used.

Green Tea Macaron
50g Icing Sugar
5g Green Tea Powder (use good quality ones)

*Sift together

30g Finely Ground Almond

35g Egg White (this time I used fresh egg white)
30g Sugar

1) Prepare 2 11 x 14 inch baking tray, lined with silicon coated parchment paper (draw circles behind the parchment if required). Preheat oven to 160 degrees C.

2) Add the ground almond to the icing sugar mixture, break up clumps if any.

3 In another clean and dry bowl, whisk the egg white till frothy. Add in sugar in 2 additions and whisk till soft peak.

4) Add in the ground almond mixture into whisked egg whites in 2 addition, fold till incorporated. Lift the spatula to see if it falls ribbon-like.

5) Load the batter into a piping bag with round tip. Pipe into circles. Bake for about 5 to 8 minutes. The feet will start to form. Lower down the temperature to 110 degrees and further bake for another 15 minutes. Set aside to cool and remove from paper.

6) Pair them up and sandwich with Lemon Curd, buttercream or ganache. Refrigerate before serving.

Frills in the making.


Noob Cook said...

they are gorgeous and so round and so tall!!

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow..this sure look great!!!! Pair with lemon curd is such a great idea...... Can spare me 1 :p

thinkingmama said...

Sorry to disturb you, can you advise where to get good quality green tea powder? Or recommend the exact one that you are using? Thanks in advance. Jane

cre8tone said...

really green.. hehe~

Pei-Lin said...


These matcha macs look perfect with the "perfectly grown" feet! Congrats! You can start taking macs orders now LOL ...


javapot said...

tks for sharing this - love all your bakes :)

Cher said...


Your cakes always look so beautiful! I am just starting to pick up baking, was wonder which brand of mixer you are using to achieve such good effects? All the electrical stores seems to be selling the same stuff, either too expensive like those Kenwood brand or those cheaper ones like Sona? Any advice? Im not very willing to start off with something too expensive though..

Bimmer said...

ur macarons looks so nice! i failed twice and haven't tried again since. I think I will try your recipe.Thanks!

Rei said...

Thanks all for your comments. I apologise for the late reply as I have been busy with work lately.

ThinkingMama : I have thrown away the bottle. But I'll take a pic of it and post it here when I get a new one.

Pei-Lin : Thanks. But if I take in macs orders, I might suffer a nervous breakdown. Aahaha!

Cher : I am using a Philips Cucina. So far it has served me well, except it can't help me much with my bread adventure. Having a high-end mixer is a bonus, but not a must-have. However, I do admit that I want a Kitchen Aid secretly. Heheh..

pigpigscorner said...

They look perfect! I've yet to get one batch to work!

Blessed Homemaker said...

Looking at your pics, you baked 1 try at a time. Any difference in the 2nd tray since it's sitting outside in room temperature?

I've got all my ingredients ready, just needed the courage to do it :P

Anonymous said...

Hi I juz made these try but i only managed to pipe 16 rounds and the top cracked, no feet. Do u know what might hv gone wrong? Mh