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Monday, July 7, 2008

Red Glutinous Rice Wine II


They look pretty, don't they? That is why I call them Red Gems. I hope I have captured the clarity/beauty of it before giving them or consuming them. I showed off my wine and wine lees to my aunts like a proud parent and they wanted to have some too. I promised them that I will make for them. So I used the remaining 1.5kg of glutinous rice that I have. This batch of Red Glutinous Rice Wine actually gave me a scare. I thought I had to throw away the entire batch away and start anew.

1.5 kg Glutinous Rice (糯米) – weighed before cooking
180g Red Yeast (红糟) – blend into fine powder
1-1/2 pc Wine Yeast (酒饼)– mash into fine powder
2 Tbsp Sugar (糖)– optional

For preparation and method, please refer to here. The only difference is that I did not mix the ingredients together. Instead, I tested out with the method stated here, by alternating layers of cooked rice, red yeast and wine yeast. I wrapped a potato masher with plastic bag to help me push down the rice. It is much, much easier! No more struggling with sticky gloves!


I find that the fermentation progress for layering method is slightly slower than the previous method. For my previous batch, by the end of day 1, some wine has already started to collect at the bottom. However, for this trial, even by Day 3, the wine collected was miserable. Probably less than 1 cm. I panicked for the first 2 days as I thought this batch would not make it. The only consolation I have is that it started to smell like wine and that there are no moulds in sight. By Day 4, everything started to accelerate from there, finally, to my relief.


I was able to see alot of active bubbles. A good sign to show that it is fermenting. As there are blotches of reds (red yeast) and whites (rice) all over the place, I discussed with my parents who discouraged me from stirring the mixture. Do not fix things that are not broken, they said.


Being the same old stubborn me decided to give it a stir to see if there is any difference. I did not stir the mixture on the 7th day for my first batch.


More even, don't you think? The rice sank to the bottom again, but it will separate itself again.


I decided to harvest it on Day 28, being a Saturday night. I can finish bottling by the next day. Some of the rice fell to the bottom again during transport.


Left this on the table overnight to let the residue settle.


This batch yielded about more than 2 litres of wine and 900g of wine lees (I mixed in more wine this time). All these will be given to my mom and aunts. I have reserved 1 bottle of wine and some wine lees for Yuri when we meet up. The taste of the wine is sweet and my mom commented that the wine lees are much more fragrant than those store-bought.

Before I harvested this batch, my friend M, messaged me to say that her confinement lady commented that the wine and wine lees I gave her was good! That, coming from a confinement lady, it must be good! (self brag) Ahahaha~~ Then her friend wanted some too. Looks like I have to make another batch again.



Gina Choong said...

woo wee! ang ang leh! Try adding less red yeast. If you are using the grainy type, you only need 60g. If you use the powder type from Yue Hua, then you can add up to 120g. Your ang ang jiu is very ang. Good work, dear. So when you starting on yellow wine?

Yuri said...

Very beautiful wine Rei! Thanks for saving one whole bottle of wine lees for me! I feel so honoured and you've put a smile on my face this morning. Next I'll be asking you for recipes to use the wine lees :S


Anonymous said...

Wah Rei, y so red colour one ah?

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

it's beautiful wine! by looks alone it's already a winner. r u going to cook the lees (never knew the word until u used it) with chicken?

my one and only try making (yellow) rice wine was also the layering method.

Rei said...

Gina : Thanks for the suggestions. Couldn't have done this without you. Yellow wine? Contemplating.. comtemplating.. heheh..

Yuri : You're welcome!

Sue : It's actually glutinous rice wine like yours lah. Only I add in the red yeast, that's why it's red. :D

Terri : Thanks for the compliment! How about making another attempt again Terri? Yup, I'm going to cook it with chicken. Half way through the layering, I got bored and sort of dump in the red/wine yeast mixture. I might try Nee's method next. :D

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful. stunning colour! my mum did the opening ceremony (literally opening the fermenting bottle) for her fermented fruit juice..was well cool.

anyway...i can't wait to have a proper sit down and look through your blog. it's awesome from what i've seen so far. thanks for stopping by The Sugar Bar.;) x

Edith said...

can wait for my turn to have a bottle leh. hehehehehe thick skinned hor.

Rei said...

Diva : Thanks for popping by!

Edith : Ahah.. I'm starting a new batch for my friend's godma. I'll make more so I can pass some to you too! :D

Suzanne Marthioso said...

Hi Rei,

Waaaoowww the wine look so good!
will try to make this on my own one of this day but in the meantime I wonder if I can just buy from you first this red wine?

Unknown said...

Hi, recently i had make red yeast wine base on your blog recipe. After 1 month of fermentation, some of the rice sank at bottom already, but some of rice still floating at surface of the wine and it look like stick together with some kind of mould look “net” or “fabric”. But I not 100% sure that is mould because it appear inside the wine, not at surface of wine lees. When I try to stir the top wine lees, the whole piece of wine lees still stuck together. In this case, is the red wine spoil already?? when i have a taste, it have some sour taste. is that normal? please guide me regarding it.