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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chocolate Yoghurt Cake


One of the many challenges in motherhood is getting your kids to eat the food you cook or bake. I think I am quite an adventurous when it comes to food. I do like my experiments in the kitchen too. However, my dear Ah Girl is not adventurous at all! Is this what they call, '物极必反'? Once she has set her mind on something, she is unlikely to change. I would rate her daily menu as boring. Steamed egg custard, broccoli and carrots, fried udon/noodles, steamed fish, salmon with teriyaki sauce, egg drop soup with fish and veggies, egg omelette with long beans and repeat. I am glad that she does not like deep fried food but her menu...Photobucket Not that I did not try to expand it.

Likewise for baked goods. She likes chiffon cakes and only in chocolate flavour. Another one would be Cornflakes Honey Joy which she can pop a few at 1 go. So far, all the chocolate cakes and cookies or rather most stuffs I have baked, were not enticing enough for her to take another bite. I have given my bakes to neighbours' kids and watch them gone in a flash. How come my 3 or 4 tiny cupcakes are still stuck in the airtight container? Photobucket Haiya~~ so demoralised... Okay, maybe she does not have a sweet tooth, but she does love ice creams and lollipops. It is hard to convince myself that she doesn't like sweet stuffs.

Previously, I baked some cakes and used paper cups meant for muffins. She said it was too big for her to finish. So this time round, I went down to the baking supply shop to get some smaller cups. Guess what, she told me that the cupcake was still too big and only managed to finish half of it. Whether if the cupcake too big; you be the judge. She would also complain that my cakes are too sweet; which is why she was unable to finish. But my dear girl, I have reduced the sugar alot, some tasters even complained that my cake recipes are not sweet enough! Haiya.. haiya... Photobucket

I spotted this recipe from Zu, 'Quick & Easy Treats' sometime ago but only tried it out last week. It is a fairly easy recipe to follow and yielded lovely texture. Thanks Zu for sha ring! Original recipe taken from 'Best Ever Chocolate Cakes & Slices' by Periplus. I made some modifications.

Chocolate Yoghurt Cake (yielded 28~29pcs, using mini cups of 38 x 28cm)
120g Melted Butter, cooled
200g Plain Yoghurt (I used Marigold's)
2 Eggs
1 Tsp Vanilla Essence
Pinch of Salt

*Mix together

6 oz. Self Raising Flour
50g Cocoa Powder

*Sift together

180g Brown Sugar

1) In a mixing bowl, add in (B) and (C). Pour in (A) and stir briefly to wet the dry ingredients.

2) Using a mixer, mix for about 1 min till well combined.

3) Pour into individual cups and bake at 160 deg. C for 20 mins or till the skewer comes clean.

That's all for now. Going off to think of something again. Photobucket


Goody Egg said...

Hi Rei,

I like to use yogurt to bake cakes, it has a fluffy and tangy taste.
I also have a fussy eater at home and I've to trick him to eat my muffins too. They don't know how lucky to have mums who bother to bake for them!

You saw Aunty Yochana blog? Trouble maker comes again, pity her. Always get misunderstood.

Happy weekend.

Rgds, Kium

Rei said...

Kium : Yup, yoghurt makes the cake soft and moist. I have the same sentiments abt the fussy eaters. ahaha.. :D