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Monday, July 21, 2008

My Japanese Girl


Ah Girl's kindy celebrated Racial Harmony Day last Friday (the actual day is on 21 July). So instead of the regular 4 hour session, she only had to attend school for an hour. Maybe our government or school, thinks that the racial cohesion can be promoted within an hour. Talk about 速食文化. Anyhow, the children were supposed to dress in their ethnic traditional clothes. To be honest, Ah Girl is growing quite fast, Her traditional Chinese New Year Sam Foo has become three-quarter pants (I exaggerated, but you get the point). There is no way I am letting her wear that and I am not buying a new pair just for that purpose. So usually I will dress her in other countries' costumes (courtesy of my mom and sis). Last year, she was a Korean girl. Photos by the courtesy of anyhow point and shoot IH. His photography skills are worse than mine. And it shows. I have to edit the photos like crazy.

The reluctant model. Angle no good, 'kena' my bum.

Finally a smile. But angle also no good, 'kena' the head. Photobucket

This year she's a Japanese. My mom bought her this Yukata (浴衣) during her trip to Japan. Yukata, as suggested, is worn after baths. However, they are also worn during summer in Japan. I was told it costs 100 plus in Sing dollars. Should have gotten a cheaper variety. Look at the hem! She's going to outgrow it soon! (*faint + heartache). I must convince her to wear it more often. Ahahaha~~ I asked her to smile for the camera and she showed me this instead.


I warned her not to let her classmates pull and tug her clothes. Last year, her classmates (boys) pulled at her Hanbok till one of the buttons gave way. I was really upset (authentic from Korea and expensive!) but fortunately, the Hanbok was alright. This time, her classmates (boys again) pulled her obi. The bow I tied for her was gone when she returned from school. They are going to get it from me one of these days! She is just too friendly and so not like me when I was her age. Perhaps I should teach her what my parents taught me; if boys disturb you, hit back (wrong, I know Photobucket). Throughout my school days, I earned myself the nickname, '恰查某' (in hokkien). Should I impart my 铁砂掌/Karate chop skills and Uppercut to her? Contemplating....

1 comment:

Yuri said...

She's so cute! My kids' school only allow ethnic costumes from Singapore! Like how many are there right? Racial harmony should not be limited now that Spore is such a melting pot...