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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Haircut & First Words


'Mom, you're pointing your handphone at me again...'


'Are you going to give me the rest of that biscuit when I'm done with this one?'

I brought the children for their haircut 2 weeks back, before the school re-opened. Ah Girl is used to the idea now, I should say she has been looking forward to her haircut. Probably because she can watch 'Barney' or "Hi Five' at Junior's League. I am glad that Ah Boy did not put up any struggle or cry when it was his turn. He stared at the hairdresser the whole time and I was distracting him with the video clip I put up here earlier. He only started to squirm in his seat towards the end. Probably sitting still for too long.

He is getting more and more active these days. Wanting to explore things around him, that includes tugging, pulling, scratching, stuffs like that. I don't why but he is deeply facsinated by the tissue box and he likes to tear up tissue paper. He will giggle when he got some of the tissue paper in his mouth. More giggling if you try to take them out of his mouth. He is eating and sleeping well. Staying true to his Chinese Zodiac sign, a little piggy. There will be some drama when he doesn't get his way. I have to constantly remind myself not to give in to tantrums. But on a whole, I am blessed with a cheerful, playful and healthy baby.

Ah Girl must be his best friend now. Although he pulls her hair sometimes, he will shower her with his kisses along with his drool. At 8 months plus, his first distinctive word is not 'Ma Ma' but 'ball ball' when I showed him some grapes. I was kinda sad because Ah Girl's first word was 'Ma Ma'. I then, drilled him with 'Ma Ma' whenever I had time. My strategy must have backfired. Instead, his next distinctive word is 'Deh Deh' (refering to Ah Girl) and followed by 'Ah Der' which means water or milk. Photobucket My dear boy, when are you going to call me 'Ma Ma' instead of 'Nn' (sounds like you are poo-ing, you know)? Haiya~

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