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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vanilla Yoghurt Cake


The title is right. These are actually cakes, just that I used my mini donut trays to bake them. It's an awful waste if you only confine the donut trays to baking, well, donuts. According to my calculations, the probability of baking donuts in my household is about 1%. Not that I dislike donuts but it is a hassle to prepare all the different toppings. Though deep fat fried donuts are less healthy than baked, if I have a donut craving, I prefer to buy them. Ah Girl loves it when I bake donuts, not that she eats them. She just enjoys decorating them. And she did a pretty good job too. This is an archive picture.

mini donut 2

While I glazed the donuts, I gave her different sprinkles to keep her occupied. Not too bad a bonding activity. Hopefully, she would be interested in cooking and baking in future.

I baked the cakes in the first picture as Ah Girl's contribution to their Racial Harmony Day's party. I called that a party as there was no lessons on that day. I was given the letter from the teacher that school is only an hour and that it would be good if the parents contribute some snacks. Good, good. Now I have more little guinea pigs. Ahahah~~ It was rather late after tucking in Ah Boy to bed. I needed a simple recipe so I modified the Chocolate Yoghurt Cake and further reduced the sugar as I needed to glaze them. I multiplied the below recipe 2.5 times and yielded about 100pcs of cake. After glazing, decorating and packing, it was past 2.30 in the morning!

Vanilla Yoghurt Cake
120g Melted Butter, cooled
200g Plain Yoghurt (I used Marigold's)
2 Eggs
2 Tsp Vanilla Essence
Pinch of Salt

*Mix together

8 oz. Self Raising Flour


55g Fine Sugar (suggest 100g for regular cake)

1) In a mixing bowl, add in (B) and (C). Pour in (A) and stir briefly to wet the dry ingredients.

2) Using a mixer, mix for about 1 min till well combined.

3) Pour into lightly greased donut trays and bake at 170 deg. C for 10 to 15 mins or till the skewer comes clean.

4) Leave aside to cool for about 10 mins and remove from tray. Glaze with milk chocolate and sprinkles if desired.

*Note : I filled up a sandwich bag with the batter, cut a hole and piped the batter into the trays. It's easier this way.

I kept about 16 pieces at home and gave the rest to the school. I thought it was a pretty neat idea to bake the cakes in the shape of donuts. Makes great party/finger food. Dressed them up in chocolate and sprinkles, the kids love them! So did the teachers. Ah Girl told me some of her friends ate a few pieces in a row. So I asked her how many did she have. One. She ate only 1! And she refused to eat those at home. Aarrgghh~~ Photobucket That's how I arrived at the figure of 1%.


Yuri said...

hey rei! i thot of making the same thing before deciding on the choc caramel cornflake crispies :D as usual laziness won over and I din make these.

i wanted to use my electri donut maker to bake. will def try yr recipe cos dd's party postponed to this week! alternative is rum-less rum ball, see which one i'll bake!

Aimei said...

Yum yum! Making me hungry now... hehe :P

Anonymous said...

You know all the while I tot tis is the mini donuts and until i read the title then it is actually a cakes. So creative leh. Must try this out. Do you think I can make this in a donut maker ah?

Rei said...

Yuri/Sue : I think it's workable on donut maker.