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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grumbling Baby

抱抱~~ 抱抱啦~~ Complain for so long already.. why mommy never 抱抱?

Okay, okay... mommy 抱抱啦~ *muak muak muak*

No matter how stressed and depressed I am right now, looking at you and 'Jie Jie' give me the strength to carry on. A reminder that you need me, to carry on.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

it seems like he's so frustrated with lying down, tt he wants to stand up or smthing. so cute i can almost smell him n makes me want tp pick him up. ah, u guys r so lucky to have all these new recording gadgets n youtube even to keep all ur videos for u. be fun to continue posting up as he grows up.

KWF said...

Rei, your boy is so cute!! I miss those days when my kids are that young.

QQ red apple said...

hi Rei,
yes, I'm agree to you cause I have 3 young kids too. Everyday I'm burn out or depress, but when I look to my kids, it give so much satisfaction and pleasure to know they are happy, healthy and smartly. Yeah!!!!!