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Monday, April 7, 2008

Bake Me If You Dare


Over at Kitchen Capers (KC), there is this new section, whereby someone will come up with a topic and those who are interested will join in the challenge. Like maybe trying to replicate a certain cake/bread/cookies, using certain ingredients, stuffs like that. Hmm.. something like Daring Bakers? Sugar High Friday? Is My Blog Burning?

There were 2 dares in the forum; 1 using bananas and 1 using olive oil and soy flour. I decided to roll them into 1. Although I do love baking cakes, I do have problem finishing them (Chiffon cake as an exception though). Unless I am willing to pile on more kilos, baking 2 cakes consecutively is not an option. Using bananas in bakes is easy. But using soy flour? Apart from using soy flour for flavours, I have not tried using it as a main. Maybe I '山龟' (please read in Hokkien). From my limited understanding, soy flour can replace wheat flour for baking and can be used to substitute eggs. As there is no gluten, how will the cake hold? Will it flop, end up like kueh? And after tasting the soy flour (yes, I do taste the ingredients before I use them; a habit picked up from previous training), I decided against using soy flour solely in the recipe. I was worried that it may not be well received by my testers at home.

Taking a step further (else it wouldn't be a challenge right?), I took the eggs off the recipe I came up with. This is my first attempt to bake a cake without any eggs. I figured if this is sucessful, I can bake more often for my parents who are controlling their cholesterol intake. I used mashed bananas to get the volume and texture I get from beaten eggs (yoghurt should do the trick too.. oh oh... good! I am getting more ideas from this...Photobucket) To entice my banana-hating Ah Girl to eat the cake, I added Oreo cookies. Oh, can someone enlighten me if Oreo cookies are considered vegan?

Thus, proudly presenting you this, Banana Oreo Cake.

Ingredient :
100g Plain flour
40g Soy flour
1/2 tbsp baking powder
1/8 tsp baking soda

160g mashed bananas + 2 tbsp Lemon juice
70g Sugar
40g Olive oil

40g Oreo cookies (remove cream and break up by hand)

Method :
1) In a bowl using a mixer, beat oil, sugar and mashed bananas till incorporated.

2) Sift the dry ingredients and add into the wet ingredients. Make sure the mixture is not lumpy.

3) Add in the Oreo cookies and pour the mixture in to a lined cake pan (I used 7" pan).

4) Bake at 170 deg.C for 35 mins or till skewer comes clean.

*Note : I am using a convection oven thus I did not preheat the oven.

Not knowing how the cake would turn out, the anticipation almost killed me. As I am doing a trial, I tested with a smaller portion. Fortunately, it turned out well. However, when I poured the batter into the lined pan, I realised the pan I used was too big for such a small cake. The batter looked rather pathetic. Ahahaha.. The cake rose and was spongy, not dense. It remained moist and soft this morning. I guessed it passed the taste test as IH ate 2 slices at one go and asked why the cake is so short, i.e.; not 'shiok' to eat I think. Ah Girl had a slice this morning. The sharp tongue/nose of hers detected bananas but finished the slice anyway. Wahahaha~~ Can I take it as 大成功だった? Photobucket

Going foward, I will try to find time to make another one for the not-so-health-concious. I'd probably add 2 to 3 eggs and increase the flour to 200g to get a full cake.

That's all for now~~ じゃね~

PS : There's another dare going on, I think the theme is 'Green'. Join in if you are interested.


Zurynee said...

Hi reirei,

Interesting combination :-) I have yet to do the dare :-(


Rei said...

Hi Zu, take your time. I'm sure there are many more to come. I did this because I had all the ingredients at hand. :D

KWF said...

Rei, love your cake. Good experiment! The idea of not using eggs in cake is really good, at least a little healthier. ;) I haven't got the guts to change ingredients for cake yet. Cake is still a mystery to me.

Gina Choong said...

hey Rei, one of my students email me about a Vegan Carrot cake and ask how to substitute eggs. So I told her about Soy Flour. She made it and now all her vegan friends wants the recipe! She added more soy flour to substitute 4 eggs that was supposed to be used in the recipe. the cake turn out very well.