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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dashi Stock

I usually make my own dashi stock and freeze into cubes. It is less hassle to use dashi powder to do the job. But I guess I am just old fashioned as in '龟毛'. First dashi stock to be used for clear soup (soup base for udon too). Second dashi stock for simmered dishes or miso soup.

Below recipes yields 4 bowls of soup each.

First Dashi stock
600ml water
10cm konbu
20g bonito flakes

50ml cold water

1) In a pan, soak konbu with water for an hour.
2) Over medium heat, bring almost to a boil.
3) Remove the konbu and reserve for second dashi stock.
4) Bring water to boil.
5) Add cold water, add bonito flakes immediately.
6) Bring water to boil and remove from heat. (Do not stir)
7) After the flakes have settled at the bottom of pan, strain to get the first dashi stock. (Reserve the flakes)

Second Dashi stock
600ml water
15g bonito flakes
Reserved konbu and bonito flakes

1) In a pan, put the reserved konbu and bonito flakes and water.
2) Bring to boil and then simmer for 15 mins.
3) Add in the bonito flakes and remove from heat immediately.
4) Skim off any scum and leave to stand for 10 minutes.
5) Strain.

Note : If you are making miso soup, it is important to know that you are not supposed to boil the miso. Add miso at the very last, else the active ingredients in the miso will be 'killed'.


I bought this packet from Isetan at the Hokkaido fair recently. I usually get the Japanese stuffs from Isetan or Meidiya. Certain things like shoyu, sake and mirin, I get them at Daiso.

Happy cooking!~ それじゃ~~


Yuri said...

Thanks rei for this recipe. I should try it soon as I've been using the soup base that comes with udon or dashi powder. Could you please post a photo of the konbu packet as well?

Rei said...

Hi Yuri, sure. I put it up already. :)

Yuri said...

Thanks Rei!

Cristina said...

Rei! i only say thanks, try my favorite chocolate covered strawberries