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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rest In Peace

I just received a piece of sad news from my mom this morning. My gynae had passed away at age 68. Mom and I could not believe it. How could such a seemingly healthy and active person just pass away like that? This is a reminder of how fragile life is.

This sweet, old gentleman was my mom's gynae. I remember him as a soft spoken man with a big heart. He spent his free time doing volunteer work at the Old Age Home. With his experience and skills, he delivered Ah Girl. I am forever grateful to find that there were no marks or indentations on Ah Girl's head although he used vacuum assisted delivery. Especially so after seeing other babies' head in the nursery. When I was pregnant with Ah Boy, he felt that he might not be able to manage deliveries anymore due to his age. Hence, he co-managed my pre-natal care with his son, who joined his clinic.

When he was seated in his chair, he did not slouch. His back was always straight. He was very neat and professional in his appearance. He was always assuring, especially to new parents. You see his face lit up when he spoke of his grandchildren. He was still working on that very day, 1st April 2008, when his heart gave out. All the nurses at the clinic, like me, cannot believe/accept that he left just like that. The only comfort we have is that; it was quick and swift. He did not suffer.

He is a compassionate doctor. To me, he is more than a doctor. His passing is a great loss. Rest in peace, Doctor KM Seng. All of us, whom you have touched our lives, will remember you.


Yuri said...

hey rei, sorry to read about dr seng, may he rest in peace.

KWF said...

rei, I'm sure dr seng has gone to a better place.