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Friday, May 30, 2008

Two At Play

Ah Boy can sit up on his own and crawls about (actually he's sliding on his tummy) quite well. He is 8 months and 3 weeks now. He loves it when we sing for him. I think his favourite songs are '大苹果' and 'Ten Little Indians'. He'll laugh out loud whenever he hears them. He's making those 'boo-boo' sounds and been 'talking' quite abit. He likes to wave 'bye bye' and acknowledges his name with a 'nn'. I don't know why, but both of them like to lie their head down on my pillow. He misses Ah Girl when she's not around. He welcomes her with a big chuckle when she reaches home. Fortunately, I got the same treatment as well. Ahaha.. I can't wait for the day when he calls 'Ma Ma'. Ah Girl first word was 'Ma Ma'. Actually, I am teaching him everyday. Heheh..

In my opinion, Ah Girl plays rather rough. Not sure how to tell her to be more lady-like. But I know she loves her brother. Next time, when they quarrel, I'll show them this clip. Must love each other, okay? Looking at them, a part of me can't wait for them to grow up. Another part of me is afraid that they are growing up too fast. That I will not be able to hold them in my arms anymore. I guess all mummies feel that way sometimes. My dear children, please let me hold you tight for a while longer. Let me hold you every day. I love you.


ICook4Fun said...

Hi Rei, thanks for the tips on the rice wine.

Yuri said...

hey rei, kids grow up so fast u won't even realise it. good to have such videos to remind them how they played with each other. pls continue to hold and hug them, once u stop, and they grow up, the hugging will stop.