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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day mom! Many would bake or order a cake for moms on this special day. I made bread instead. Weird huh? My mom has cut down on cakes these couple of years. Expecially those that are frosted with cream, may it be buttercream or non dairy whip cream. You'll see her scraping the cream off. Forget about cheesecakes or mousse cakes. She is no longer keen on them. Or maybe she's just worried about her cholesterol intake.

Having tried my first attempt of the Sourdough bread, she was quite satisfied with the taste and texture. Therefore, I'm making her one for Mother's Day. With the heart-healthy flax seed, I hope she would like it. She gave me this bottle of preserved roselles she bought during her trip to Taiwan. It is kinda addictive to eat so I incorporated into the bread. It tastes tangy and not overly sweet. It gives the bread a nice aroma, which is better than cranberries. Besides using flax seed meal and preserved roselles, I also used pumpkin seeds and black sesame.

I took out the starter from the fridge and they are still alive despite being neglected. This picture is taken after 2nd feeding before baking.

Beasties say : 'We are 1 happy, bubbly family.' ^_^

The whole process is slightly longer. I started making bread at 12.30p.m and ended at 7.30pm. This is not including feeding the starter the day before.
This time round however, I will not be able to share the recipe with you. I made a boo-boo with the sourdough starter. The recipe was given to me by Chips by the way. While digesting it, I forgot that the recipe was asking for 60% hydration for the starter. By the time I remembered, it was too late. I also forgot to add salt and some pecans which my mom like. Duh~ What was I thinking? (-_-||) So, till I get it 100% right and asked Chip's permission, I will then put the recipe up. I am experimenting with a new method to knead bread recommended by Chips though. Once successful, I'll share it here.

*To mom :

I know the pain my marriage has caused you. I understand that sometimes, when it gets so bad that you had to say things to hurt me; just to ease the pain. I am trying my best to make it up to you; in my little ways. Happy Mother's Day, and I love you.

Your unfilial daughter

1 comment:

KWF said...

What a clever way to use preserved roselles! Bread! My absolute favourite! The fruit itself is too addictive to last long. :P

Hey, you know what, mothers are the most forgiving creatures on earth...hee...they may not forget, but they will forgive. :) I'm sure your mum appreciates your thoughts too, just that she doesn't say it.