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Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Isn't she beautiful? I adopted her when she was about 3 months old. I'm not sure about her parentage but I know her mommy is a Siamese-mix. So, that makes her a Siamese-mix-mix. Ahahah~ She is what my mom called 'long kang' cat (stray cat). Her coat does not have a very clean-cut, distinct colour theme, I named her 'Momoko' anyway, which means 'little peach'. I picked her out of a litter of six. I don't know why, but I think I picked her out because she did not have a very nice, long tail like her siblings. Her tail is stubby and curved like a hook.

Momoko was adopted when I had my own place. She was the 'Queen' of the house. She does not come to you when you call out her name. She only responded when she wanted to or when she was in the mood. Likewise during play time. It is like she owned you, not the other way round. Sometimes in the middle of stroking her, she would suddenly go crazy (kee siao, in hokkien), scratch or bite you. She chews the plastic bag at the waste paper bin to remind me to feed her on time. Things remained this way until I had Ah Girl. I stayed in the hospital for about 1 week and when I came home, she turned into a super 'manja' cat. Apparently, during my absence, she missed me and had been looking for me. She paced around the house restlessly and waited for me at the door. She also slept on my side of the bed. That said, once in a while, she will still ignore me.

*Bo-chap look.

Most of the time, she will follow me around in the house. When she is up to some mischief, like chewing plastic bags or scratch the sofa, she will make the dash when I called her name or when I brandish the cane (unless her claws got caught in the fabric, hahaha). She knows how to open the cupboard, which has a sliding door and hides there when I am angry or when I took out the cane. She is the one who kept my house lizard-free and insects-free (not including ants though). But I never knew that she is good with children too, given the fact that cats are independent and self-centred creatures. Although she was being 'de-throned' as the 'Queen' by 'Princess' Ah Girl, she likes to stay around with the children. Momoko would sit very close them so that she can be 'sayang' (pat), by them. Ah Boy loves having her around. Momoko will get restless when they cry.

I want to freeze this moment in time so that Ah Girl and Ah Boy will know that Momoko loves them too. Even when Momoko will no longer be with us in a few years' time.

Every day, she will wait for the children to go to bed and come to me with her constant meow meow meow, pestering me for her 'massage'. Momoko, although you are now 'de-throned' by the children, you still hold a special place in my heart. Love you and stop attacking my plastic bags!


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Yuri said...

Hey Rei, good to know that you have such a lovely cats. I am afraid of cats or dogs coming here me. If they stay where they are, I'm ok. To think I used to have 2 dogs at home in my teenage years!