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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mango Pudding

mango pudding

Last week, IH bought several huge mangoes. He is a big mango fan, while I am not. I prefer durians, which he dislikes. He told me that he was going to leave me 1 mango at my disposal, either for baking or whatever. Half suspecting that he was hinting me to make the mango mousse cake, which I made for his birthday last year (he was the guinea pig for my first attempt at the cake), I took my time.


To be honest, I was not in any mood to bake. I procrastinated till the mango threatened to make its exit to the bin (okay, it didn't look like it's going to rot anytime soon when I cut it). So I made some mango pudding on Monday instead for Ah Girl, knowing that pudding is not IH's cup of tea (yes, I can be that mean). Ah Girl likes mango pudding with evaporated milk, like those sold at Crystal Jade Restaurant. However, she will have me pick out the mango cubes, leaving the pudding looking horrid. This recipe is shared by my aunt.

Mango Pudding

Ingredients (yields about 5 and 1/4 cups I bought from Cold Storage)
1-1/3 cup pureed fresh mango
1/3 cup evaporated milk
1/3 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1 tbsp gelatin
fresh mango cubed (I omitted)

1) Add gelatin and sugar to water and bring to boil.

2) Stir in the mango puree and evaporated milk, remove from heat.

3) Put in cubed mangoes into jelly cups and pour in the mango mixture.

4) Chill till set for at least 3 hours.

5) Drizzle evaporated milk and serve.

*Note : Might be able to fill up 6 cups if you add mango cubes.

**Note : Original recipe does not require to bring the mango mixture to boil. You just need to stir gelatin and sugar in hot water till they dissolve. However, it had to be eaten on the same day. It will start oxidising the next day. Still edible but the colour will turn ghastly. By heating up the mixture, it will stop the oxidation.

I was actually quite keen on making some durian pudding but I am living amongst durian-haters. Ah Girl didn't want to try durians, perhaps influenced by IH. My helper can't stand durians either, making me feeling like an outcast whenever I eat durians at home. So, my last bet is Ah Boy. Hopefully, he will grow up to enjoy durians like me. Hmm.. maybe I should start him young. Hiak~ Hiak~ Hiak~ Photobucket

*Update : About the above mango mousse cake, I remembered using Florence's recipe. For the top layer, I used gelatin to set the mango puree.



Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

ur pudding looks lovely, all smooth and jello-y. i love home-made mango pudding. i made it using a recipe frm a very popular food blogger n was so upset bc the mango pudding curdled. i am going to print this out for the next luzon mango season, n if it doesn't work, i'm going to give u an earful!

KWF said...

Don't worry rei. If you can't find someone to finish the durians for you, call me! :D

Rei said...

Terri : Yikes! I had better keep my fingers crossed. :D

WF : Haha.. durian kaki huh?

Anonymous said...


what lovely bakes you have and being a FTWM,devoted mum and still finding time to whip up delicious mouth-watering meals is no mean feat,kudos to you...btw,can I ask how many mangoes do I need in order to yield 1-1/3 cup puree mangoes?Thanks..

Rei said...

Nan : Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. I just love to stay around in the kitchen. Ahah. The mango I used was huge! I just used 1 and I think it was Taiwan mango. But I think you'd need at least 2 medium size mangoes to get what the recipe calls for. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of mango too but I can't bake. I actually don't really know whether if I can bake or not, just don't dare to have a start. I'm dessert lover so if I can bake, I'll have big belly as Santa very very soon !

mj said...

Hi Rei,

I tried your mango pudding and it was good :) my kids love them. Will be making more again soon and guess i'll have to at least double the recipe cos everybody wanted more!! BTW, is it necessary to puree the mango using a blender? I didn't and find the mango puree not as smooth but the end result was ok though. Tks for sharing the recipe!

Rei said...

MJ : Hi, glad you and your family enjoyed the recipe. You can puree the mangoes then strain it for finer texture.

mj said...

Hi Rei, tks for the reply :) believe it or not, i've made this pudding 3xs so far, the latest batch is now cooling as i write this!