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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Moment to Remember

collage 1

collage 2

You two melt my heart every time I look at you.

I wrote this down so the both of you can remember this moment. In time to come, you may quarrel, you may be loggerheads or refused to talk to each other. Take time and look at these pictures and think of what I have to say to you.

Ah Boy, although 'Jie Jie' can be rough with you at times. She may have pinched you when my back is turned. She may have 'bullied' you or smacked your hands when you took her toys. But remember, 'Jie Jie' loves you even before you were born. She followed mommy to every visit to the doctor's. The first thing she wanted to do when you were finally out, was to bring you home. She cried when you couldn't because we had to stay in the hospital for another 2 days. She shared her toys with you, although not too often but she's learning. She misses you when she goes for her 'kai kai' without you. She will ask mommy to buy toys for you (and for her too). She likes to show you off to her friends and teachers. When you pulled her hair or scratched her, she cried but she didn't hit you back. She helped mommy bathe you, bring diapers, Drapolene, powder and stuffs. She sings you silly songs and entertain you with her funny dance. She loves you.

Ah Girl, although 'Di Di' accidently hits you when he flings his arms when he's excited, remember that you were like that too when you were a baby. 'Di Di' can't say sorry to you because he has not learnt how to speak yet. Forgive him when he pulls your hair or scratches you, he did it with no intention of inflicting hurt. 'Di Di' loves you. I'm not too sure if he heard your voice when he was in mommy's tummy but I know that he's aware of you. Whenever you go 'kai kai', he will look for you. He will shout to get your attention. He chuckles when he sees you. He's your most supportive audience; he laughs when you sing and dance to him. He knows how to 'sayang' you. He enjoys your company and will look for you when you are not in the same room with him. He turns towards you when he hears your voice. He loves you.

There will come a time when I pass on. The best asset I have for you, is each other. When mommy's gone, you'd only have each other to depend on. No matter how things turned out to be, you may even hate each other; stop and re-think. Think of how you started out, how you love each other. It is all that matters.


Amrita said...

you have a very pretty daughter!

Anonymous said...

Very touching post!

Yuri said...

hey rei, so good of you to put up such an emotional post. your kids will learn to appreciate each other more this way...

Sri said...

Cute kids!!
Oh can link me up.

erin said...

hello...i teared up when i read this post 超感動的, now i realize why my mom is always saying "I am not even dead and you guys are quarelling already" (in Hokkien of course)