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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today, Ah boy became botak. I brought him to the salon to shave off his hair. I didn't shave off his hair when he was a month old. Some hair was irritating his ears and he kept scratching. Like '花脸猫'. Ah girl commented that he looked like the monk in the cartoon 'Shaolin Showdown'. How?? Looks like or not?? Ahahah... Actually, he resembles Ah girl when I shaved her hair when she was 6 months old.

Botak 1

Botak 2

Pictures taken by Ah girl with my handphone. Not bad hor. These days, kids are more tech savvy than adults. Scary.

Boy Boy~~ mummy loves you~~ don't grow up so fast can?? Still can't get enough of '抱抱' you~~ *muak muak muak* ^_^


Yuri said...

Hey rei, your boy is so adorable! Yes, better enjoy him before he grows up! My boy almost 10 years old now, although still tug my heart strings, he is so macho now won't automatically hold my hand. I have to hold his first! Btw, his palm is he same size as mine lor!

KWF said...

rei, I agree with yuri. You better enjoy him when he's this age. Once they pass 3 yr old, not cute liao. But your boy boy is still very cute now lah. :D