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Friday, March 14, 2008

I Got It!! やったー!

Cranberries & Walnut loaf 1

Cranberries & Walnut loaf 2

やったー!ばんざいー!\(^o^)/ I felt like mimicking the character in Heroes, Nakamura-san. *laughs* Eheheh... After exchanging views with Florence yesterday, she highlighted to me the possible cause of the wet dough. Corn Oil.

My mom's a bread lover, whenever she passes by a bakery shop, she has to pop in and buy something home. Since she has been unwell, she will still do that but it is to buy for the family. When I first started out baking bread, although I have reduced butter significantly, she will not have seconds knowing that there's butter in it. Call it paranoia but she's the one who is suffering when her system acts up, not me. Hence, imagine my joy when I managed to modify the bread recipe to using corn oil. I don't really want to use butter for bread anymore.

With the leftover starter, I experimented with the water roux bread again. The dough was rather sticky for my previous attempt. Might be the corn oil, might be because I didn't drain the raisins properly. So this time round, I reduced the corn oil to 1 tbsp. I promised I'll be good. To get to know the dough/bread better, don't add anything funny to the dough; no raisins, no nothing, just plain bread. Or so I thought.

This time round, the dough is perfect! It's smooth and not sticky, reached membrane stage in no time. Then it started to get boring... Hmm.. surely adding some dried cranberries won't hurt. So, in went the leftover cranberries (30g) from my Lemon Yoghurt Cranberries Chiffon cake. Found some walnuts in my pantry. Good! Idiot hubs hates walnuts and it's a dry ingredient. So, in went the walnuts (40g) too. As I knead the dough further, the dough gets this very nice, light pinkish tint. Unfortunately, it was not prominent after baking. The bread rose pretty well too. It smells great baking bread early in the morning. Maybe because :

Option 1 : You're hungry for breakfast.
Option 2 : Fresh made loaf always smells yummy.
Option 3 : You toil and sweat making it.
Option 4 : All of the above.

Anyhow, I am very satisfied with the result, the texture is better than the previous attempt. Thanks Florence for sharing the recipe and her expertise. My helper commented that the texture is like Gardenia bread. Tsk.. this is homemade lah.. don't compare with the commercial ones. I'll take it as a compliment. Wahahaha~~ I won't re-post the recipe but I'll make the adjustment in the respective page.

じゃね~ ばんざいー!\(^o^)/


KWF said...

Congrats rei! Next will be my turn to try. *excited*

Yuri said...

Hey rei, bread looks great. Mine looked great but didn't taste so great...