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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Year Of Blogging...

... is not a big deal. Last Saturday marked my first year of blogging. I was too busy to notice. Time slips away so fast, especially when you are not looking. When I first started out blogging, I had alot of negativity in me. I was bitter and angry. I needed a place where I could express what I felt and what I went through. I started 'All That Matters Not'. In there, I wrote about my unhappiness, things and people that I wished didn't matter to me. But life shouldn't be this way. Whenever I look at my children, I am reminded that despite all that I went through, I am still being blessed with good things. And that, I would want to write them down as well. I like spending time in the kitchen because that is my 'me' time. In the kitchen, my only concern is churning out dishes and cakes which my kids and parents love to eat. I didn't have to think about unhappy stuffs. By doing this, I hoped that I would be spending more time tending to this blog, rather than the other one. After 1 year, I am glad to say; I achieved what I set out to do. Well, okay, most of the time.

During this 1 year of blogging, I attempted many things. Some with yielding results, some not that great. The most important thing I have learnt through these is not to give up, have faith in yourself and not limit your abilities. I learnt alot from fellow food bloggers and am humbled by the knowledge they have and shared. I have made friends, hopefully, no enemies. Those who came in frequently to comment on my blog, those who didn't, those who are too shy to, those who came and went; I thank you. Blogging can be boring at times, not unlike talking to a wall. It is you who has made this journey fun and enjoyable.

I didn't do anything for blog anniversary (told you I'm not that into anniversary stuffs). But I received a last minute order last Sunday. Sweet lady ordered for her friend's 18th birthday. She specified she wants sun, ocean and sunflowers. Later, she decided she would love to have Elmo for her cousin as well. So the theme looks suspiciously like 'Elmo goes to the beach with sunflowers'. Ahahah~~

Ladybugs and sunflowers.

More bugs.

I really like the brown seashell. Terribly sorry about having to change the pick up venue due to a last minute meeting. I hope you and your friends had a great time.


Baking Fiend said...

great job with the decorations! i love everything on the cuppies (not just the shells hoh). :)

and happy blogaversary (if there's such a word) :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Rei,

It's a shame I missed the better part of your year...I only discovered this a month ago. But I can still say that your baking is inspirational and your latest batch look great :D

I hope the next year brings better things for you

~ Sarah

Yuri said...

Hey Rei, happy anniversary! Thanks for recommending the vanilla sponge cake recipe, works like magic. Still lots of room for improvement.

ganache-ganache said...

These cuppies are beautiful, u r really good at your piping !!

quizzine said...

Hi Rei,
Happy 1st anniversary! Look forward to more wonderful and creative bakes and dishes from you!

Dianne said...

(: i'm honored to have my cupcakes up on your blog's first anniversary post. :D and they loved it. the sunflowers are so pretty! really creative. thanks for everything(:

Kitchen Corner said...

wow.. that's very pretty! You must have putting lots of effort for the deco. Good job!!

Katherine said...

its through ur post that i realised that my blog has been around for 2 years. if i didnt see your post i wouldn't know how far time has crept up! o.O

every year something burns in our kitchen. but a few also made it and were even so impressive to be sold like your elmo cakes! not only i learn new stuffs but also develop a weeeeeeee bit of patience =P guess thats the part bout women who spends time in the kitchen. we mature and understood life through food in a different manner =D

keep baking and blogging always! jiayou!!! =D

Cuisine Paradise said...

Hi Rei, Congrat on your 1st anniversary on blogging... :) You have indeed done a very very good job on this :) Look forward to see more posts, cakes, bento and great recipes from you :)


Art of Eating said...

Happy 1st blogging anniversary !

Keep your zeal going

Anonymous said...

Hi Rei,

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary! Meaning been following u for a YEAR! Somehow by chance I saw yr wonderful blog.... Looking forward to more great bakes!


Rei said...

Ida : Thank you! I dunno why, but I still like the seashell most.

Sarah : Thank you for visiting.

Yuri : Take 1 step at a time. Am looking forward to our date. :D

Ganache2 : Thank you. I'm still learning as I go.

Quizzine : Thank you. That sponge cake looks good!

Dianne : Glad to hear that. I hope Tiong Wei appreciates the effort both you and your friend made.

Kitchen Corner : Fortunately, it all came together.

Katherine : You are spot on about women maturing through kitchen experiences. :D

Ellena : Thank you and I look forward to your beautiful bento creations for your boy as well.

Rei said...

AOE : Thank you!

Hammy : Wow! You did? *gasp* Hope I didn't bore you. Ahahah.. thank you for your support.

颜姨 said...

Hi Rei,

Jia Yu! I agreed times flies without ones knowing. My blog also going to be a year old soon do share and understand some of your thought. There's much to treasure while I looked back and I've learn a lot too fm fellow blogger like you and Gina etc. So keep it up and the "ME" time thing is so precious and don't give up this little corner that you owe and keep you sane. So keep it up


Anonymous said...

Hi Rei

Been a silence reader. My situation is similar to yrs, I kept a electronic diary to pen my unhappiness and bake to find peace. Thru the years I learn to tell myself 'never mind'. So live life and live happy! Sunflowers are my favourite flower.


Mel said...

Hi Rei,

Happy 1st anniversary. Your cupcakes decoration look very beautiful and yummy.
Take good care of yourself.

terri@adailyobsession said...

hey rei, happy blog anni! i brought u some really fresh black and white peppercorns but there was no time to meet up, so i had to bring them back despite having wt limitatn on airasia :( will bring them to u someday soon, maybe next month:)

n about ur negative moments, everybody has them. don't believe it when smone tells u she has a perfect marriage/kids :D

Rei said...

Shira : Thanks! Let's jia you together!

Sulin : Thanks for your encouragement!

Mel : Thank you!

Terri : Look forward to meeting you soon. You still have my number?I saved a small bottle of hong zhao for you. Wonder if it can get smuggled in? :p Sorry to hear about your misadventure in finding Sichuan food. Yes, please avoid that restaurant, the food there is terrible.

Thanks for your encouragement!

allthingspurple said...

Hey Rei, congrats on your first anniversary !!

And I so so lurve that Elmo and the sunflower cupcakes!!! My kids would go wild over this !! Wish you live in KL instead so we can get some from you. haha.

KWF said...

Rei, happy anniversary!...though it comes a bit late. I miss my baking :( This year I set myself new goals to study with the kids every afternoon. Morning is housework time, so left very little time to bake. Hopefully can still steal some time once in a while. But I'll be popping by now and then still. :)

Jackie said...

Hi Rei,

Happy blogging Anniversary, u did a great job in keeping your blog so "yummy", thank you.

Pei-Lin said...


Happy 1st anniversary to your blog! I could see how your journey's been since I discovered your blog about eight months ago. (Well, I was a silent reader initially and for no obvious reason, I didn't have the courage to speak in the cyber world. Silly me, huh?)

Whatever that comes along the way, we'll be behind you! Keep up the splendid work you've been churning out so far! Take care.


Sugar Inc® said...

Hi Rei,

I really admire your lovely work on your decorated cakes. Hope you have a another great year of blogging ahead

Noob Cook said...

happy blogversary! I am happy to know u :) I identify with many of your feelings that u wrote in this post =) Your cooking is incredible and look forward to more posts from u :)

Rei said...

Thanks ladies! I'm glad I passed the 1 year mark. :D