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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Babies' Valentine

I got this for my Valentine's Day. Not that I mind since it has my kids' picture on it. But it is a reminder that romance is dead once you become a mom. Gone are the flowers, lingerie, chocolates, cakes, jewelleries and what-have-yous. So my advice to the ladies, do not complain when you receive gifts of any sort. Say 'thank-yous' between your clenched teeth no matter how much you dislike, how useless is your gift (except baubles or a supplementary credit card). For one day, it might be downgraded to a bottle like mine. Well, plastic flowers is a different matter entirely. Dump him already! I'm never big on anniversaries or festivities, so I don't bother buying gifts. But to reciprocate, I bought IH a cheapo pen with his initials from Watson's. Ahahah~~

But this is another story. A couple of days back, I made this cake for a customer. He wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day earlier with his girlfriend. He came back and said he had proposed successfully with the cake. Aww.. that's sweet. But really, D, she said yes because she loves you. It has nothing to do with the cake. But remember not to downgrade your gifts okay?

Since I forgot to take pictures the last time, I replicated this cake again for my kids for Valentine's Day (well, 2 days late by the way). We went to Sentosa around late morning, I had to collect my baking stuffs and run errands. Time was really tight. Sometimes I wonder why I make my life so challenging. But when you see the smiles on your kids' face, you'll forget and do the same stuffs all over again. I unmoulded the cake this morning and had to take pictures and rush to work. In the end, I tore abit of the jello here and there. Eeks! Okay, I'll let it go. Accidents do happen, especially when you hope they don't.

I tweaked my Strawberries Cheesecake recipe by using only cream cheese and yoghurt. I got the idea from HHB's cheesecake. However, without the volume from the whipped cream, you need to increase the quantity respectively. Ah Girl was thrilled with the cake. Ah Boy is still too young to appreciate. I think I can still do better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rei

i think your hubby is sweet to come up with the idea...guess he knows how much u love your is quite thoughtful of him to do that! juz to share, i don't get any vd gifts since i got married. and i have stopped receiving bday gifts for a few years already...

Gina Choong said...

hey Rei, at least you get something..can use or not, never mind. I get ingredients plonked in front of me and expected a full meal within hours! I think we only had Valentine's day stuff during our dating days. Married also dun have coz 1st year after marriage, super poor! :(

Chef C said...

hi all, wonder if anyone is interested in purchasing corrugated pizza boxes suitable for 12-inch pizzas. ideal for home pizza-makers. only S$0.45/box. free delivery in Singapore. desperately trying to offload 500 boxes that's piling at home. I've passed the pizza-making phase, and don't know what to do with hundreds of boxes. drop me a note at my blog if you are interested or are able to help (there's a picture of the box). thanks.

Rei said...

Octopusmum : Most men are blockheads. They assume once married, gifts are unnecessary. I'd say be direct and ask for one, better still ask for cash to get 1 that you like.

Gina : If he dared to plonk ingredients in front of me and expect a meal, I'd probably walk out, use his money and go to a restaurant with the kids, sans him of course.

Chef C : Thanks for the info. Will put up an annoucement for you. HTH

ganache-ganache said...

U are so funny, I mean the cheapo pen, u're cool ! Well, I didn't get any thing for Valentine's, just brushed it off our mind instead. My elder girl asked me why I don't celebrate Valentine's with Daddy, I didn't know how to answer, haha ??

Anonymous said...

Hi Rei,
It's so thoughtful of your hubby to get something like that for you. Well, getting something is better than getting nothing at all. As for me, being married for fourteen years already, my hubby gives me flowers every VD except these 2 years he gave me soft toys bouquet which is more expensive. In return, I'll bake a nice cake for him.

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Rei,

You are very rite! Gone are the flowers, gifts and etc after become a mom!!!

KWF said...

Rei, agree with Gina, at least you get sth. Me? Ask hubby to go watch a movie with me, guess what he says? Got free tics ah? :S So V Day is just another day for me. This year I din even bother to bake ath to "celebrate".

Rita said...

What a beautiful cake!
I'll bet this cake has won many hearts all over.