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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hi folks,

Happy Mooncake Festival! I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates, slow response to replying your comments and questions. I was caught up with work, mooncake sales and a wedding cake. Plus, my helper is to take 2 weeks urgent leave to resolve some family matters. I will have to work from home in the meantime. I will make an effort to update this blog when time is permissible.

Till then, take care!


Anonymous said...

Am really envious of your job! I wish I can suka suka work from home like that :) is your company still hiring? i so need to find a job that allows me to bake and blog and work from home hehe!


Anonymous said...

HEY REI, i need help for my chiffon cake. I hope you can help me. In aunt yochana's blog, there is a recipe for durian chiffon cake. her recipe uses 6 eggs but i want to use 4egg yolks and 5 egg white recipe. In that recipe, she uses 360 gm of fluid to 140 gm plain flour. May I know wat is the ratio i shud use now? For the 360 gm fluid, there is mashed durian 150 gm, coconut milk 150 gm and corn oil 60 gm. Please help. Thnaks alot rei.

Bento Pet said...

Hope you are okay! Been missing your Bento updates!

KWF said...

Rei, heard about your maid's case fr Gina. How're you coping girl? Welcome to the Royal Maid Club and do take care!

Rei said...

Yuri : On the contrary, I didn't bake anything during the 2 weeks leh. Under the weather. Ahaha~

Weng : I'm sorry for the late reply. Using fresh fruit is abit tricky. Durian puree can't be write off as liquid. Aunty Yo is right about reducing the flour, cos the durian puree will feel like cake batter.

I can't give any sound advice as I have not tried her recipe. But based on the info you gave me, I would multiply by 2/3. 95g to 100g flour, 100g durian puree, 100g coconut milk, 40g corn oil. Based on my experience, if the total (excluding 4 yolks + 5 whites) adds up to 300g, the batter can fit into a 21cm tube pan. Aunty Yo's recipe after reducing is 340g, so you might want to manipulate the ingredients abit. HTH.

Pat : I'm doing alright, ahaha. My bento archives are yelling at me too! :p

WF : Thanks, I'm doing fine, caught the flu bug that's all. Otherwise, it would be a perfect time for me to bond with the kids. ahah.