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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bentos & Slowing Down

Since I have cakes oozing out of my ears now, I decided to take a break from blogging about cakes and sweet stuffs, lest I get queasy looking at my own blog. I have to refrain myself from baking for the time being but seriously, I don't know how long I could last. Baking is addictive, especially for me. My hands don't take to idling. I'm making mooncakes this year and I'm also thinking of starting a crochet project soon.

Plans aside, I have not been updating my bento posts lately. Doing too many things at the same time. Thanks Bento Pet for the reminder. This is for you. Hope they pleased your eyes!

Abura-age stuffed with rice with toppings; fried white bait, sakura denbu and scrambled eggs. Fresh fruits with yoghurt.

Rice with stir-fried Hijiki, long beans, carrots and Abura-age. Steamed carrots and Xiao Bai Cai. Stir-fried chicken with Ichimi chilli powder.

Chahan with mix vegetables. Orange slices and Melon Jelly.

Somen with Tom Yam flavour seaweed. Wakame and carrots stir-fry with butter and Shoyu. Pan-fried Salmon, lime wedge.

Rice with Natto, Steamed Tofu with chopped Tomatoes and Shiso Shoyu. Stir-fry young french beans, carrots and Shimeji.

There will be more coming up I promise! Stay tuned.


Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow...nice bento....see also i am full for lunch :p Great inspiration!!!

Bento Pet said...

Thank you for the lovely 'meals' posts! I love the cucumber 'florets' and each of your bento looks as delicious as the other.

KWF said...

Rei, you're officially our bento queen!

Looking forward to seeing your crochet project soon.

allthingspurple said...

i lurve lurve lurve the siau bai chai. so pretty. like a flower !

love all the others too.

Rei said...

Dear All, thanks for the compliments! :)

Halimah Ilavarasi said...

Rei, Where do u get ur beautiful bentos? I looked up at Daiso and it was really small (like for kids.. is it suppose to be like that?)

Great Work..I'm so jealous (in a good way of cos) of u! Keep it coming!

Rei said...

Halimah : Hi, yes I got them from Daiso. Dun underestimate them as the 2 tiers ones can hold 490ml!