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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mom's Birthday Cake

Baked this cake for my mom's birthday. Unfortunately, the feedback wasn't that great. Probably because I omitted the egg yolks. The cake is soft but not chiffon kind of soft. But still, it looked pretty, right? In my quest of searching a 'fresh cream' recipe that doesn't include fat for mom, I came across Swiss Meringue. Well, it shouldn't be categorised as cream but it functioned very much like one. It's actually cooked egg whites with sugar, marshmallow tasty. The only thing is that it tastes too sweet. As this is my first trial, I did not reduce sugar. It spreads easily on the cake and sets/holds it shape pretty well. It has a glossy look too.

I used orange and yoghurt in hoping to offset the sweetess of the meringue. I thought I had it covered but I didn't expect the cake's texture and coyly sweet meringue. I still went ahead with it as it was too late to bake another one, even more so to decorate. In the end, my mom scraped away the meringue and ate the cake with lemon curd instead. The swiss meringue method was found on Taste Goblet's blog. Hers was actually a swiss meringue buttercream but I stopped at the meringue part. I actually did the buttercream for my first covered cake. It is light, fluffy and hold its shape quite well too but not under hot sun and definitely no place at a BBQ (that's where the first cake went to!).

I will not be sharing any recipes this time unfortunately as the experiments are incomplete. Till then!



ganache-ganache said...

nevertheless the cake is beautiful, your thoughts count lah.......

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

tt is so gorgeous! can i copy the design...hey, u must do the meringue buttercream. it's yummy n not as greasy as plain buttercream.

Rei said...

Ganache2 : Thanks!

Terri : Sure thing! I'll be attempting it soon.