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Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Boy

This picture was captured by my helper. 笑到见牙不见眼. Oops... can't see his teeth here. This is one moment, which I am sure, every mother would want to see on their children's faces. Ah Boy is able to stand up with support now. One of his favourite sport is to crawl to the TV console, grab the edge and pull himself up. Or he would stand up in the play pen, grumbling and babbling his displeasure at us for leaving him there. He is able to cruise, taking small, baby steps. He is not afraid of falling either. He will just give you a big grin and pick himself up again. Maybe his 'airbag' (a.k.a. diapers) works. In time to come, I may need to remind him of this spirit should he falter; if you fall, pick yourself up.

He has got 6 pearlies now and started biting his Jie Jie when he is angry with her. So now, Ah Girl knows that he will retaliate if he is bullied. However, I need to curb this habit. Need to get him those toothpaste and brush thingy meant for babies. He is taking solids really well. It will come a time when he will not need to be nursed anymore. Think I will miss holding him so close to me, near to my heart. When did you last hug your children? I made it a point to hug them everyday; when I leave for work, when I come home, or whenever I felt like a hug.

Just when you thought you have loved them enough and couldn't give anymore; children has this special key to unlock your heart further. Talk about unleashing your potential, eh?

To my dear children :

Sleep well, sleep tight, mommy will always be by your side.

Lots of hugs and kisses. *muak muak muak*


Par said...

He got such a cute smile.

Yuri said...

My dear, you are on the right track with your kids. Keep it up!