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Monday, April 5, 2010


This is a much delayed post. I had planned to post it last December but was too caught up with things that it got lost in the draft folder. Every once in a while, a special request will come up that you don't have the heart to say no to it. This cake was it. I'm not exactly a bird loving person. I'm actually a cat person. I don't mind mice, snakes or dogs. In fact I love big dogs. I once wanted to adopt a Malamute but I didn't have enough space for him to run around. Mice are rather smart and I find snakes intriguing. Cats, I love them for their grace and independence. Okay, I digressed. As you might have noticed, most of my cakes were for kids, well, except for mahjong cakes. After doing some repetitive work, I welcome a break from it.

This cake was for a bird watching hubby from a loving wife. The reason I did not delete this post as I would love to share the beauty of this bird captured by his excellent photography. She needed a small cake as her hubby wasn't a cake person. I usually don't accept orders under 1 kg but I was really interested when she mentioned 'Kingfisher'. When I received the picture, I was mesmerised by its beauty. If only I could capture half of its glory on the cake. My camera phone couldn't capture the 'feathers' and the shimmer on its head. I was kind of frustrated from trying and finally gave up. Maybe I should take up photography lessons.

Meantime, enjoy the work of nature.


Edith said...

wow lots of work for this one and you done it so nicely.

Cookie said...

A pretty unusual cake! Did you use image transfer for the kingfisher?

CE Webster said...

I think it was a great job!

Tania said...

this was the cake that you did for my sis-in-law for her hubby. i know they both loved THANK YOU!!! you did a fantastic job with the kingfisher. just want to tell you that you also did a great job with my sesame st cupcakes for my friends too. when the lids to the boxes were galfriends all screamed with delight!!!