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Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthday Cake for My Kids

My kids' birthdays are just 10 days apart and celebrating together makes sense. I do not have to bake and consume 2 cakes. But when it comes to decorating the cake, there is no such thing as a theme. You see, what has Ben 10 Alien Force Omnitrix got to do with Thomas the Tank Engine? But to be fair to the both of them, they have to co-exist on the same cake.

While assembling the cake, Ah Girl commented that it was unfair that 'Didi' has a cake on his birthday. Apparently, she forgot that she had a Ben 10 Alien Force cake to celebrate at her kindergarten. I told her she actually celebrated twice. She was convinced only after I placed the Omnitrix on the cake. Kids. Speaking of this; I wish to thank Little Fun Store from Ebay. I placed order for stuffs needed for Ah Girl's birthday celecbration at the school at the very last minute. Thanks to her, I got my order really quick, in time for the party. I bought kids stuff from her over a couple of years and she has never failed me.

A close-up on Thomas and his truck loads of sweets.

Lights down and candle-up.

Ah Boy looked on with interest. He thought he could play with Thomas like a real toy.

No crumbs gone to waste. I had to wash the knife after that. Ah boy was facsinated by the candle flame.

And went on to touch it. The poor boy burnt his finger. Brave boy didn't cry, just clenched his fingers together. I had to pry his fingers open to apply ointment. Till now, whenever he sees a candle or saw these pics, he will say 'hot hot'. Silly boy also got a 'Harry Potter' scratch between his eyebrows before his birthday.

Comparing last year's pictures, they are growing up so fast. If I could make a wish; time stands still for 1 day and let me hold you a little longer.


Gina Choong said...

ai yo, the cake so swee lah! But your kids are so accommodating. At least never ask for 2 cakes. Ya, I know what you mean about them growing up so fast. Now I can only hug and sayang other people's kids. :(

Edith said...

Happy birthday to your two bao. Yes they definitely grow fast, esp ah boy. He looks different from the last time I saw him.

I was told to hug and kiss them as often as possible becoz once they grow up, very hard liao. BF or GF will be hugging them not you. :( hahaha

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to both your kids Rei!
Your cake is absolutely beautiful with all the things your children like, most impt baked with your love.

Li Shan said...

Your thomas the train really look nice. Had also thought of making it for my son during his birthday but had not learn how to made it with fondant. SO maybe next year I can also design a thomas the train like yours for him..

Jullie Teo said...

WOW!!! Impressive!! Can I have it for Joel next time???

KWF said...

Happy birthday to AA & CA! Very nice cake. I love your Thomas Train, it looks like the real toy. No wonder Ah Boy thought can play with it.