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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fluffy Pancakes

Am guilty of spending too much time on Facebook with my new found farming ambition. I have 5 or 6 virtual farms, imagine that! But really, it's my real plants that needed tending. They are all not growing well due to my neglect. I hope I will be able to find time this weekend to have them fixed. That's after spending some baking time with Ah Girl. She's been sulking about not being able to bake cookies with me.

Anyhow, I would like to share this lovely recipe which I tried out at Kitchen Capers, provided by Carrie. The recipe yields really soft and fluffy pancakes. I have had my share of tough pancakes, some with strong soda bicarbonate aftertaste. These are really good! Some compared them with MacDonald's Hotcakes. I'm not sure as I haven't had Hotcakes for quite some time. But, homemade is always best. You know what goes into them and you can pair them up with stuffs you like. I used the Salted Caramel which I made previously and bananas. My kids ate them with honey. I believe they will taste great with blueberries too; they are in now.

I re-shuffled the sequence of the ingredients slightly.

Fluffy Pancakes
100g Self Raising Flour, sifted
A pinch of salt

75ml milk
2 Egg Yollks
1tbsp vegetable oil
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

2Egg Whites
2 Tbsp caster sugar

Some butter for greasing

1) In a mixing bowl, mix sifted flour and salt together. If preferred, you can whisk the flour in the bowl instead of sifting.

2) Using a measuring cup, measure milk, add egg yolks, vanilla essence and oil. Stir well. Make a well in the center of flour, pour in the mixture and stir into a smooth batter with a whisk.

3) In another bowl, whisk egg white with sugar till stiff. Stir in 1/4 of the egg whites to the batter to lighten it, then fold in the remaining egg white carefully till incorporated.

4) Heat up a non-stick frying pan (low heat), grease lightly with butter. Drop a small ladle of batter (depending how big you want your pancakes to be) in the pan. Flip the pancake only when bubbles appear. Fry till golden brown. Serve hot with fruits, jams, honey, maple syrup etc.

*Note : Batter should be thick.

**Note : Recommend to double the recipe. The pancakes will not turn hard even when cold.



Kitchen Corner said...

I'll definately try this recipe as I'm the pancake lover especially for breakfast. Thanks for sharing!

tracieMoo said...

the pancakes look very nice and fluffy. how many would this recipe make?

Katherine said...

lol what a coincidence!!! lately i am also on pancake mania but i am using Nigella Lawson's homemade pancake mix. damn nice, cooks very easily even children also can do it and TASTE EXACTLY like mcd's hotcakes! serve with bacon, egg and maple syrup... HEAVENS!!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is into that kind of farming also--I want to try your pancakes they sound so good I will have to figure out though your measurements though.

kitlori said...

i am new to your blog, just tried out your pancake receipe. it turned very fluffy,soft and very yummy with lots of peanut, drizzled honey and slices of banana. tasted like the american peanut butter sandwich except that this is even better. the only problem i had was the pancake did not turned out to be very round cos i had trouble trying to spread the thick batter in the 8 inch frying pan. but with practise, i managed somehow to sort of round it more when i reached my last batch of batter. i doubled the receipe as suggested and had about 9 pancakes. thanks so much for sharing your yummy receipe and frying tips.
best regards

jnifur said...

I got 3 farms...hahaha
And I am trying out muffins.
2nd try is ok...just, a bit too much to the brim.

Edith said...

Rei, check this out.

PEBBLES - the Lord's beloved said...

Hi Rei,

When I first got married in 1998, I bought ready-made frozen mini pancakes and cooked them in the frying pan.

Seeing your recipe in this post has brought back wonderful memories. I intend to give your recipe a try soon.

Take care.