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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I used to watch Ultraman series but again, I lost touch. I didn't know that Ultraman had spawned a couple of other Ultramans. So imagine my shock when I discovered Ultra Mother.

Must be tough saving the world all alone. I know too well. I bake, decorate and wash up in the wee hours in the morning. The kitchen area which I designated for cakes only looked like a bomb hit it when I am done. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for my helper, I usually escape out of the house in the morning.

Little Ethan loves Ultraman Meibus. When his mummy mentioned 'Ultraman', I thought, 'easy'. I was thinking about those cutesy, egg-head cartoons which I fondly known as 咸蛋超人.

So when his mummy said he wanted it to be the real Meibus, I think my jaw dropped for a couple seconds.

This cake was easily one of my worst nightmares. I did the design 3 times. I scrapped the cream and re-did and re-did till I think I got it right. By that time, I was near to tears already. I wanted to pull my hair out with my gloved hands, sprawl on the floor and cry. But I cannot do that in front of my kids, of course. My friends said I was just being anal and a perfectionist. Maybe, but I know well enough to not disappoint or upset an Ultraman fan. He might decide to zap me with his super-humanoid-power. And Ethan, thank you for not adding an alien into the picture. I probably would have died there. Glad you and your friends enjoyed the cake. Your liking it, made my 'sufferings' insignificant. Despite all, I'm glad that I attempted it.


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Rei,
I do agree that you're a perfectionist! You're really very detailed and has very fine works. Very nice copy you've made! :)

Sweet Jasmine said...

A very nicely done copy of Ethan's hero.

cherry potato said...

Hei, It's a very fine art works. Hope can learn more and more skills from you. Can I?

Rei said...

Thanks all!

Cherry Potato : To draw fine details, you need to use tip no. 1 and just a pair of steady hands. It's actually tracing. :D

cherry potato said...

Thanks a lot!!