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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ATM Media Mention

I was nicknamed 'ATM' by Katherine from Chocolate Medley. I didn't realised the title of my blog could be abbreviated so when I chose it. Hopefully, I am my own 'ATM', not others. Ahah. I was approached by a Malaysian magazine a couple of months back. They asked for permission to use one of my blogposts for publishing. So here it is, only thing is; it was published in March. I am far behind my posts, this shows definitely.

My post was published along with some other food bloggers. It kinda feel strange to see my stuffs in prints.

The publishers were so kind to send me some copies of the magazine although I told them I reside in Singapore. They actually couriered them out. Heartfelt thanks.

Recently, I received some nasty comments and emails. I do not understand their hate but to curse my kids are way off limits and uncalled for. Leave my family out of this. I mostly keep to myself and do not think I have offended or attacked anyone online. I don't think I am cocky in any ways. Apart from being busy and reply comments late, I think I am in line with blogger's etiquette. I hope the hostility will stop and please, whoever you are, channel your energy to do something useful. I do not know you and because of that, your words can't hurt me. Go bake or cook something, it will help make you feel better.


Noob Cook said...

congrats on ur feature! And sorry to hear abt the nasty comments ... there are so many weirdos out there especially on the internet :P

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Rei, Congrats! It is so nice to have your recipe being published in a magazine :D

I'm sorry to know about those nasty comments you have received. You are very brave, I will be very disturbed if the same thing were to happen to me. That's the downside of blogging, 你在明他在暗, it is so frustrating. I hope this incident will not stop you from sharing your wonderful baking and cooking skills. Cheers!

Florence said...

Hi Rei,
Nice to know that your article and blog were published in the magazine.

I do sympathise with you. Just ignore those nasty emails and comments, these people got nothing better to do. You just keep up with your good work!

Unknown said...

I can understand how you feel cos i get these loose canons coming to my blog too.

Thank them for these nasty comments although it is disturbing, but you will be happy to know that there are more friends supporting you.

Keep up the good work

Katherine said...

wow i think your bakes have went up to a pretty high achievement... its not something normal for own bakes to get published!!! gosh you should really consider setting a shop or start lessons and name it ATM baking school!! bet lots of people will be rushing for it! think of all the little 'ATM's graduating!!! =D

Gina Choong said...

Wah, Rei, impressive. To be ask for print in a magazine means you have been watched! In a good way. But unfortunately, not all netizens are nice. Chin up dear, I think you are one great person and a friend in need and indeed! :)

Unknown said...

Dear Rei,

I have to say you are awesome! I have given up on baking until I checked out your blogs. I have been baking since I baked my first chiffon cake with your tips.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Cool stuff!

Wrt those nasty comments, these pple are prob jealous of your talents.

Yuri said...

Hey Rei, congrats! Just focus on your achievement so far and ignore those nasty comments. Keep your spirits up!

Jullie Teo said...

Hey, Rei,

Congratulation!!! Will always support you!

Regarding the bad comments, well, I also received some recently... I don understand these people, they are so free to mind other ppl business.. Just ignore them...

Zurynee said...

Congrats to you Rei !!! Those nasty people just ignore them. I don't understand why some pple has nothing else better to do than bringing pple down. Cheer up !!

Rei said...

Thanks all for your encouragements. Appreciate it. As Aunt Lily aptly put, good things do happen even in the most dire situation. You get to know your friends have got your back. Arigato!

Alannia said...

Hi Rei,

It's really great that your work is published. Says a lot doesn't it.

So sorry to hear that you have received some nasty comments. Just ignore them. These losers just have nothing better to do. They think that they can say nasty things just because it's on the internet & people won't know who they are. Cowards indeed.

You know you have not done anything that deserve these comments and your friends know it. As your blog says it : This is all that matters.