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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Castle Cake Ver. 2.0

A neighbour's 2 kids were celebrating their birthdays together. The girl was smittened when she saw Ah Girl's castle cake last year. I guess every girl wants to be a princess. She is determined to have 1 for her birthday. Thus, through tears and arguments, she got her way. Partly because she is daddy's favourite girl. The poor boy had to make do and share a 'girly' cake for his birthday as his request of having another cake was turned down. I hope he likes the taste of the cake even though the deco isn't his 'type'.

Details on the crown.

More experienced dealing with fondant now so the decoration took me less time than my previous attempt. But still, I ended up awake, doing this cake till 4 a.m. because I reached home late after work.

My neighbours named their 4 kids with names starting with letter 'E'. They are Filipinos and like I mentioned previously, Filipinos love chocolates and it is the one and only flavour they would choose. I just discovered that they preferred a soft-textured cake like sponge cake. However, I explained that sponge cakes will not be able to handle the fondant's weight well. This is a chocolate pound cake. I cut them into 3 layers and sandwiched chocolate ganache in between. The cake is then covered with homemade marshmallow fondant and further decorated with royal icing. I think although most people like what fondant does to the cake, they do not consume it in general. I was told that the fondant was peeled off and discarded. Though I understand that fondant is too sweet for some but as a creator of this cake, I could feel the heartache.

I am quite happy with the outcome. Ah girl has been asking me what cake am I going to bake for her this year. Uh-oh.


Bento Pet said...

Rei, this is absolutely beautiful!!! Makes me want to have on for my little girl's birthday too!! Just Awesome.

Edith said...

Don't let my daughter see this. If not she will want this for her birthday this year and I will faint.

Jullie Teo said...

WAH! Very nice wor.... I don't think i would have the heart to eat the cake.... =P

Noob Cook said...

omg, how beautiful! I'm so impressed, you are really a pro :D

Rei said...

Thanks all! I had fun with it. It's like playing with play dough. Ahahah..

E : You should try, really. Your girl will be over the moon.

Jackie said...

wow. so sweet..

Katherine said...

wow... maybe you should start a website selling fondant bakes soon! if you ever conduct fondant decorating classes must tag me k? i desperately need some 'salvation' in fondant man =(

Blessed Homemaker said...

Love this castle cake! DD1 kept asking for a castle cake for her bday.

BTW, I've just started blogging, may I link you please?


Rei said...

Jackie : Thanks!

Katherine : Thanks for the compliment! I'll let you know if I really do. :D

Reena : Sure you can. My pleasure!

chumpman said...

Very girlish and lovely cake ! Pink is very well liked by most of the female disregard the age.