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Friday, October 3, 2008

Snowskin Mooncakes

I know I'm terribly late posting mooncakes here. But I would like to dedicate this post to my mom and my best friend, H. A guy who has a sweet tooth for mooncakes. H's affair with my mom's mooncakes started 13 years back. Back then, my mom started a little venture selling her mooncakes. They were well received by friends and relatives. Then it started the ball rolling when they in turn, introduced the mooncakes to their friends and relatives. Then, my mom stopped selling after a couple of years, as she hurt her wrist. H was rather devastated. He wanted to know when he would be able to taste those mooncakes again. He would come reminding me every mooncake festival. I guess I was hated at some point. Ahahah~~

To be honest, I wasn't very keen to pick up my mom's skills as her method took like forever to knead the dough. This year, I finally made the effort. But I found that the water and flour ratio had to be adjusted. Probably due to the water absorption of the flour. H was elated when he received the mooncakes. He was kind enough to say they are very close to my mom's version. I know there's still room for improvement. I promise you, H, next year, it will be better. I will try to supply you mooncakes until you are 60 and beyond. Ahahaha~~ I promise you mom, that I will upkeep your standard. Thank you for passing the recipe to me. I took a bold move to sell the mooncakes this year and the feedbacks have been good. After a long, long hiatus of 13 years, all my mom's client base is gone. I hope to rebuild mine slowly. Clients said they will be back next year. Shall see then. Ahahah~~


Mel said...

Hi Rei,

Your snowskin mooncake look great. Can you please post this recipe. I made the snowskin mooncake if the snowskin dough knead well to non stick state, the skin become QQ but difficult to wrap and seal up and become hard next day.If the dough just mix well to a dough without kneading, the texture remain soft for few days but skin texture not Q and smooth. May you please advise how to handle the snowskin dough. Many Thanks.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

looks very very yum. hey, passed u an award, pls check my site.

Yuri said...

Hey Rei, mooncakes look good and professional. all the best for yr biz venture ;)

Rei said...

Mel : Would you like to email me instead? :)

Terri : Hey thanks! Appreciate it!

Yuri : Arigato!

Rosie said...

Hi Rei, your snowskin mooncakes look wonderful.

Rosie x

Rei said...

Rosie : Thanks for the compliments.