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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

I have been procrastinating for the longest time to start a blog. First of all, I would rate my life as a bore, I am not good with words. I sucked at photography and I do not even have a decent camera. I am still learning how to use Photoshop, I am busy with work, I am still breastfeeding, I simply don't have time and the list goes on. Oh, and I forget to add; I am lazy. :p

I managed to meet up with my friends lately, W and H. We haven't met for a couple of years. We talked about our school days together and the friends that we have lost touch with. This kind of saddened me but I have only myself to blame. I haven't been making effort to keep in touch with them, especially after I started working, gotten married and have children. Now with blogs, Facebook and all, I hope to re-trace them back. K, if you are reading this, I miss you~~

I am also trying to document what my kitchen churns out and pass on all my tried and tested recipes to friends who are interested and to my children. It would take some time as most of dishes I cook are based on estimation. To me, kitchen is a place for me to de-stress and a place for me to bond with my daughter. My son, your time will come too. :) I would also like to thank a fellow forumer from Kitchen Capers (KC), Edith, for her encouragement to start a blog. I just needed that little pushing. Hahah. And to all at KC, expecially Gina, for being generous with their knowledge and recipes. It's a great site.

Now, having said all and killing so many birds with 1 stone, finally I jumped on the bandwagon of blogs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rei! Goodluck on your new blog!Thanks for answering my question at KC, followed your link and here I am. I look forward to your adventures in the kitchen!


KWF said...

Yo Rei! Welcome to the world of blog. :) Glad to see you finally jump on the wagon. Lok forward to seeing lots of your fantastic bakes & dishes.

Rei, to take good photo, choose a spot near window and take photo in the daytime. Will turn out great. This is from my months of experiment. :)

Maya said...

Hi Rei, I am sure you are gonna have fun documenting all your bakes.

KWF said...

Rei, you've been tagged. ;)

Check it out here.

Rei said...

Thanks for all your encouragements. :)

AK said...

Welcome on board ... Keep posting nice food in KC..