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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Emergency Fried Rice

bento 18

What do you do when you woke up too late to prepare lunch bento, have some slightly dried out rice, tired looking spinach and leftover hamburg from the previous pig-out? You make fried rice! Photobucket

Came home from work last night about 11 p.m. Found out that no one remembered to switch off the rice cooker. Leaving the teeny bit of rice, turning into 锅巴 inside the rice cooker. Top of my pet peeves include these; wasting food and electricity. Anyhow, no use getting angry over it. What's done cannot be undone. Kept the rice in the fridge and decide what to do with it later.

Time seems to fly by especially when one is tired and deprived of a decent sleep. I actually woke up at 7.10 a.m.! Photobucket I have to get out of the house by 7.50 a.m. so how? Rats, my helper forgot to cook rice for me. Damn, I forgot to wash and cut the vegetables the night before. Fortunately, there was still some hamburg left in the chiller. Very quickly, cut up the spinach with scissors and soak them. Take shower and change. Heat up the frying pan, fry an egg, add garlic, dump in the dried out rice, spinach and hamburg. It was all over in 10 minutes.

I'm eating this emergency fried rice as I'm blogging this. Surprisingly, the rice was not that hard. Must be the moisture from the vegetables. After some soaking, the spinach got back its crispness. I did not have to add any seasonings as the hamburg patty was already seasoned. Plus, previously, I have added Rosemary and Sage to it. I forgot if Oregano participated in the party patty though. All in all, I ended up with a satisfying lunch, without wasting any food.

One might say; why make life so difficult, just buy lunch lah! But then, I will have nothing to blog about right? Ahahahah.. At times like these, with all prices going against Newton's Law of Gravity, I try to save on whatever I can (salary remained stagnant). Packing your own lunch box makes economic sense and is environmental friendly. I do not use styrofoam/polypropylene boxes or disposable cutleries. In our tropical climate, I am guilty of enjoying air-conditioned environment. I can only play a very small small small part to help save Mother Earth that I reduce, recycle and reuse. I am also trying to educate my helper and Ah Girl to sort out the rubbish instead of dumping them all in 1 bag. This is not easy; as they say, old habits die hard. I do think that our awareness is still not enough. On and off, I still hear my neighbours throwing glass bottles down the chute. The recylce bins are almost non existent in my neighbourhood. First world country? Hah.. We still have a long way to go. Photobucket



KWF said...

rei, admire your perseverance on bringing your own bento, a very healthy choice! Do take care of yourself and relax a little, coz you seem a little stressed up at times. But who wouldn't be in situations like this! I remembered once I overslept and forgot to wake my son up. End up the school bus had to leave without him.

Unknown said...

Hi Rei,
You have very adorable kids. Btw I have link your blog to mine.

Yuri said...

Kudos to you Rei! Pei Fu!

allthingspurple said...

wow..watching your bento pictures slide inspired me into packing adult bento for work too. While I have been diligent in packing for the kids, time do not allow me to pack for myself. But reading your steaming vege with rice method, I might just give it a try. thanks for sharing !